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5 Best Apps for Home Theaters

Technology has been part of our lives these days. Almost all the things that we do and have right now are products of technology. All we need to do is to deal with it and make proper use of it as well. Since we are living in a fast-paced world nowadays, we have to learn how to cope up with the advanced technology. It is important that we know how to use the modern and hi-technology gadgets that technology has to offer with us. One of which is the home theater. If you own a home theater, then you must know all things about it. A home theater is an entertainment set-up which lets you feel the “cinema experience” at your home. It has an advanced features which are designed to exceed the commercial theater performance and feeling.

With that said, here are the best apps to install to your own home theater:
1. RunPee

How To Buy A Flat Screen TV

Gone are the days when the television set was as big and bulky as the washing machines or refrigerators. Nowadays, TV’s have slimmer space-saving screens, which are really sleek and modern, and classy in style. When you shop around for these flat screen TV’s, you will definitely find that the popular manufacturers of these TV’s are really bynames in the field of electronics and television making. Manufacturers, such as Sony, LG, Sharp, Samsung, Philips, and many more top the list of major playmakers in the field of Television productions. So if you want to find and buy a reliable, sleek, and modern flat screen TV, these are the names you have to look for. Moreover, you can consult cnet and FlatScreenExpert to find good reviews about each flat screen product. But before buying a TV set, there are some factors which you have to consider, such as the space where you are to place your TV, the quality of the set, the warranty provided by the manufacturer, and the price itself. Likewise, you got to consider whether you would like to buy online or directly from the manufacturer of the TV set. These are just some of the factors you have to consider before buying a flat screen TV.

Types of Flat Screen TV’s

There are different types of flat screen TV’s and understanding these different types will help you in choosing the flat screen TV you should buy. Read more!

‘It’s In The Cloud’ – What Does That Really Mean?

History of Cloud Computing

The hot phrase in computing these days is cloud computing and data storage. The idea of cloud computing has been around since the 1960s, when relay networks were used to push and share research information around the world. Eventually, data services and applications began to be offered via websites on the internet. The type of cloud computing available today has only been made possible in recent years through the massive increase in bandwidth available through several internet providers. In other words, the lines through which we transmit data are finally powerful enough to handle large file transfers quickly. But what is the cloud?

What is it?

The idea of cloud computing is simple. Individual users are able to connect to a much larger network, powered by a server or series of servers, on which they can store their data to be worked on and retrieved later, or to access a wide range of applications and services. Read more!

5 Things To Consider When Looking For The Perfect Set Of Speakers

Any home cinema system needs a great set of speakers if you want it to be perfect. Unfortunately buying the right speakers is no easy task, so we’re going to look at some things you need to keep in mind when you’re hunting around.

Buying an all-inclusive system

If you don’t really know what you’re looking for it might make sense to buy an all-inclusive system from the same brand, especially if they’re a well-known brand because they’re stuff must be great. You forget that different companies specialize in different things, so even if you end up with a great package that saves you a lot of money you might end up with bad speakers. If you want the best quality you can afford it’s sometimes better to buy them individually.

Test your favorite music

When you want to buy a new car do you turn up at the garage and pick the first one you see? Of course you don’t, because it takes a long time to come to a final decision. You’ll take different cars out for a spin until you find the one you like the best. You have to do that with your speakers to and it’s always good practice to listen to your favorite songs on different sets of speakers. Just take a CD to the store with you and you’ll know for sure which ones you like best before spending a lot of money. Read more!

Home Theatre Spring Cleaning

Spring is the time when a lot of people perform a general clean to their homes. A lot of attention is paid to certain accessories and additions like carpets, curtains, hard-to-reach places and outdoor areas.

If you have a home theatre system, spring is just the time for a clean of the machine. It will rid you of dust and dirt that have accumulated during the winter season when you didn’t have a chance to air the room. It will also make your viewing pleasure better since the screen is going to be brighter and dust-free. No more grainy pictures.


So what do you have to do to spring clean your home theatre? Just follow the instructions below. Read more!

Why You Should Steer Clear Of Smart TV’s

Samsung Smart TV

It’s easy for TV manufacturers to advertise smart TV sets. When people see the term “smart” used to describe devices, they often unquestioningly accept that they are likely to be superior to conventional, non-smart devices.

This assumption doesn’t work well with smart TVs. A 2012 survey by consumer market research group NPD called Internet Connected TVs Are Used To Watch TV, And That’s About All finds that most people with smart TVs rarely use the smart features that their sets have. They don’t use their TVs for Facebook, Twitter or Internet browsing , for instance. Instead, they simply use their TVs as they would regular, non-smart models. To anyone planning a smart TV purchase, this survey should be reason enough to stop and think.

What’s wrong with smart TVs? Read more!

Bring Home The 3D Experience With Samsung 40′ 3D Smart TV

From small black and white screens to large 3d full high definition panels, the television industry has certainly come a long way. Today televisions are getting more and more complex and with this complexity the price is also rising. I think that today’s smart LED and OLED TVs are much more than just display panels, I am not sure if it’s even right to call them TVs as they have evolved much more in terms of design and functionality. Today you can get a web browser, a live TV recorder, a webcam, 3d display, applications and what not on a high end television. This Christmas I bought a Samsung 3d full high definition panel for my living room. After watching it for a month I have decided to make a review on it so that I can help fellow buyers get the best deal. Let’s see what this TV has to offer.

Features: Read more!

How To Improve Your TV’s Sound With In-Wall Speakers: 3 Rules To Follow

Have you recently bought a flat screen TV? If you love the picture but hate the sound, you aren’t alone. Surround sound systems are cheap but few people like the look of the wires or the quality of the sound. Sound bars often promise ‘virtual surround sound’ but fail to live up to expectations. One way to improve your TV’s sound is by purchasing and installing in-wall speakers. These deliver quality sound without ruining the look of your living room. Here are three rules that can help you get excellent sound without a ruinously expensive price tag.

#1. Find The Perfect Screen Positioning

Read more!

5 Steps To Setting Up A Simple Cinema Room At Home

If you love watching movies more than anything else in the world you must build a cinema inside your home. It doesn’t need to be huge because you won’t be inviting strangers in off the street.  I’m sure you’ve thought about it before even if it was just for a few minutes, but let’s look at the stuff you would need if you decided to go through with it. It might be a worthy investment if you go to the movie theater a lot at the moment.

HTIB Read more!

What Are Your Options for Storing Those Precious Family Photos

A few years back, most people only had SLR cameras which used film and as a result there were far fewer photos taken. But these days with the advent of digital cameras and smartphones you can take as many photos as you want and only have the ones you really like printed. While this is a brilliant surge forward, it also means that there is a new problem to think about, and it’s the problem of where on earth you are going to store all of these photos! Keeping your family photos safe is really important – all those pictures that you take of the kids growing up will be treasured for years to come, so it’s vital that you keep them safe. So where do you keep them? Here are a few options: Read more!

Most Exciting Things That Happened With Televisions At CES

The CES, or Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas has been chock-full of absolutely mind-blowing technologies and gadgets that will be available at some point throughout 2014. Showcases with everything from automated homes to the latest in greatest in mobile technologies have received a fair amount of attention from both the media and conventioneers on the floor. However, while there is no shortage of new and exciting technologies at CES, one area that is really exciting for the first time in years are the television booths.

Sony 4k TV

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Smartphones and Tablets Turned to Home Theater Remote Control

As technology rises from time to time, people are also adapting to it. Since technology has been boosting from the time it started up to now, a lot of inventions and innovations were created. It has also been a very helpful way to improve our lifestyle. Technology is a big help if people will use it in a proper way.

Two of the greatest innovations that we have today are smartphones and tablets. Most  people these days have any of the two. Smartphones aren’t just simply phones used for calling other people anymore. They are built with more advanced computing capability and connectivity than your basic phone. Likewise with your tablets, you can also surf the web through WiFi connection, Bluetooth, personal hotspot or mobile data. Also, the features and specifications of your smartphones and tablets depend on their versions. The more modern it is, the more it has advanced features.

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