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The Great Debate: Netflix vs. Hulu

In a time where online streaming may soon best traditional cable, more and more companies are positioning themselves as leaders within the entertainment community. From TV networks that house their own shows, to outlets that charge a monthly fee, many viewers are now heading online to get in their TV viewing time.

But the fact still remains: which streaming mogul is better? Netflix or Hulu? By comparing side-by-side features, we’ll size up who offers what, and what consumers are getting for the price.

What they Offer

netflixvshulu135x120For those who don’t know, Netflix provides two different services: DVD rental (via snail mail) and online streaming. Each costs users $8 a month, and comes with unlimited use. As for the selection, thousands of movies and TV shows are offered, all of which are regularly updated. There’s a “recently added” section so users can separate out what’s new; streaming from DVD-only content are also separate. Read more!

HD Screens vs. SD Quality

High-Def Screens vs. Low-Def Quality

There’s no doubt that, in the land of TV and computer screens, significant improvements have been made over the last several years. Screens have become thinner, crisper, and named with more initials than we know what to do with (LED, LCD, and other forms of alphabet soup). It’s these constant changes that promote quality images and a better experience for all viewing experiences – from office work to couch lounging.

However, when the image itself is blurry or shot with standard film, the level of clear colorsOld Console TV takes a sharp turn for the worst. This is perhaps most evident in syndicated shows from decades past, where, in the 70s and 80s, TVs were 300-pound devices with built-in wheels. Cable shows also came in via analog, allowing for antennas to filter out static and layers of fuzz. Sure the quality was bad, but it was all the world had known.

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