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5 Important Considerations To Make When Buying A 3D Video Player

3D videos are with us, and they are proving to be very popular. Their popularity is mainly attributable to the superior viewing experience they provide, compared to ordinary 2D videos. It may thus be just a matter of time before you find yourself being tempted to start enjoying the same (if you haven’t already done so). But, as you will come to learn, the truth of the matter is that you need a special ‘player’ to make full use of such 3D videos. That is because the ‘weight’ of the data that goes into the making of the 3D videos is often such that the 3D videos can only be comfortably accommodated in things like blu ray discs.

blu-ray 3D

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Why CDs And DVDs Still Have Life In Them Yet

If video killed the radio star, then it’s probably fair to say that digital downloads are gradually killing off the video. Just as we once transitioned from records to CDs, we are now transitioning from CDs to MP3s – and even streaming the music we want directly from the cloud to our devices. And with backup being possible over USB sticks and cloud services, there’s not really much use for these discs as storage devices either. You’d be forgiven then for thinking that the humble CD has had its day, and that it’s only a matter of time before they disappear completely.

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Try These Gadgets To Keep The Low Lives Out Of Your Home!

It is a sad fact that the world is currently feeling the effects of a recession and many individuals are struggling like never before. Many of us have taken on an extra job just to put some food on the table, and others can’t even find any employment whatsoever. But there are a shadier group of characters that have decided to prey on the honest citizens out there and have targeted our homes for their nefarious activities. We do what we can to keep our families safe and sometimes that requires a little extra help. This article takes a look at some gadgets that have been designed to help is in the war against crime. If you are concerned about your current set of deterrents, please take a few minutes to read these reviews.

SureGuard Mini Door/Window Contact Alarm – $10 –

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Your Guide To The Next Generation Of Video Game Consoles

Editors Note: While not a gaming blog, The Conch Tech does cover home entertainment systems — and gaming consoles have definitely become a part of today’s entertainment environment. This article talks about the three most popular platforms, and then takes a look at the newest gaming technology. Read on …

The new generation of consoles is almost here, and it looks to promise big changes. The last generation brought legitimate online gaming to the home console sphere, but what that means can be difficult to determine. There are three major competitors once again – Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony – and a few new names seem to be entering the arena.

The Wii U

The Wii U really is a “next gen” console, even if is using this generation’s technology. The big difference between the Wii and Wii U is the new console’s gamepad, which features a larger touchscreen display. This allows gamers not only the chance to interface with games in a new way, but also allows them to take some games from the big screen to the small screen. Nintendo has done little to innovate beyond that step, relying mostly on tried-and-true franchises to build a base.

Xbox One


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Picture Perfect – Cool Ideas For Installing Your Flat Screen Television

Back in the day, the television was an enormous piece of furniture that took up most of the space in the living room. It was difficult to move and there were very few options to where you could place it. However, these days with the prevalence of flat screen televisions many more options have opened up. A flat screen is lightweight and compact and can be installed in a number of ways. It can be placed on a stand or secured directly to the wall in any room of the house. The wires and cords for most modern flat screen televisions are minimal, which means that they can even be hidden behind the screen for a seamless look.

TV Lift in Colsole

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3D Television- What’s The Point?

When 3D films were first introduced to mainstream cinema, cinema fans flocked to their local screens to try out the new technology. Supplied with a pair of 3D spectacles, audiences could enjoy the new releases in a brand new way, offering a real sense of involvement and interaction with the action. After this first 3D debut, it was only a matter of time until the technology became available at home.

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Top Things That Might Be Ruining Your TV Signal – That You Might Not Have Considered

When your TV doesn’t pick up signal properly, it can be surprisingly upsetting. It might not seem like the be-all and end-all, but when you’re trying to watch your favourite program only to find it cutting out every two minutes, it can actually be enough to drive you slightly mad.

If you find yourself in this scenario, then you will probably want to get to the bottom of whatever is interfering with your TV signal. Sometimes this can be relatively easy, but in other cases your problems can be caused by surprising issues that you wouldn’t right away consider. Here we will look at some of those issues that you might not have thought of, which could nevertheless be resulting in a poor picture.
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Up And Coming Digital Media Hot Spots

In the era of the internet, our lives are full of digital influences. From social media to smartphones, we’re all in on the action and have become seasoned pros at all things technological. Time moves quickly in the digital age, so it has become increasingly important to stay up to date and in the know when it comes to the best in digital media technology and applications.


twitterMove over Spotify and; Twitter is in the process of launching their own music sharing and streaming website. The website is already the ideal place for musicians to connect with their fans, and now they’re being given a chance to offer music to the fans directly. Twitter has teamed up with the small music discovery service We Are Hunted to provide music lovers with the opportunity to discover new and exciting bands on one platform. The service is currently invite-only, with a view to becoming public in the near future. Read more!

Are You Ready To Swap Cable For Internet Streaming?

There can be little doubt that cable television brings a lot of entertainment into our lives and living rooms. But what happens when you realize that you need to cut down on your outgoings? There is a recession currently affecting pretty much every country in the Western world, and ours is no exception. In order to make ends meet, we need to look at what our monthly outgoings involve. Cable television is not really a luxury in the truest sense of the word, but it can be replaced by another option – Internet streaming media. Millions of people have chosen this route and it is certainly an attractive option. But before you join the droves of ex-cable devotees, you should consider the points made in this article. Read more!

2 Great Headphones For Your Home Theater

If you’ve invested a lot of money, time and effort into your home cinema, don’ forget to buy a good pair of wireless home theater headset.  These wireless headsets have only recently caught up with the sound quality of its wired companions. A good pair of headset should last you a lifetime. Don’t forget to test it out first and remember that you should hear every detail in the soundtrack without any outside noise interference. Here are 2 of the best headsets you can get for your home theater.

Shure SRH1440 Professional

Shure SRH1440

If you want a large, full-size headphone, the Shure SRH1440 is for you. It’s lightweight in spite of its size. It also has a gentle earpad pressure so you are extra comfortable while watching your favorite movies.

You can use this with phones and other digital devices but it is best for the home theater with an AV receiver.  These headphones are large and don’t fold flat or collapse so it might be a hassle to bring this along with you when you travel. It also lacks a remote control on the cable.

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2013 Trends for Home Entertainment

One may wonder “what more can be done to improve home entertainment?” You have a nice LCD or LED TV with a large screen and a great cable connection that brings you your favorite channels. What’s more, you get several of those channels in stunning HD, enhancing the quality, and ultimately your viewing pleasure. You may think that this is the ultimate in home entertainment; however it is actually just the threshold for most technical geniuses working behind the scenes. They work around the clock, just to make your entertainment experience a little more enjoyable.

Today’s Technology


Sony’s XBR-X900A

Today you have your smartphone and other mobile devices connecting to your TV and several people watching the TV programs from various locations. The TV has become ultra-smart and is capable of much more than beaming pictures. Take for instance Sony’s latest creation (that was showcased at CES 2013) – the 4K OLED TV which has such brilliant picture quality that the images look life-like. 4K or Ultra HD as it is more commonly referred to as, in collaboration with OLED technology brings you the ultimate in picture quality.

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The Three Main Types Of TV Brackets

Wall mounted TVIf you have a flat panel TV it’s probably not got past your notice that the best way to watch this type of television is when it’s mounted on the wall. Many flat screen TVs are now mounted this way as it gives the best viewing experience while also creating more space in the room for other furniture items. Many people take the mounting of the TV so seriously they create a narrow ‘hole’ in the wall where they TV is mounted to give the illusion that the TV is flush with the wall surface and then also ‘bury’ the cables into the wall so that they don’t spoil the look of the television display.

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