Curved TV: the future of TV?

Samsung Curved OLED

Samsung has already accomplished a great deal in the world of curved tvs, but this time it would like to take things a step further, by making a television that could alter shape depending on what you are watching.

Introduced at CES was just what Samsung is calling a ‘Bendable’ TV – it really is a television display screen that can bend at a point and alter between curved and flat . Of course, we are not really keen about the concept of curved TVs as of this time, but witnessed in the flesh, the model flex Samsung TV definitely looks cool.

How Curved TV’s Work

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Top Reasons for Using an HDMI Extender

This may be a bit on the Techie side for some, but these are great gadgets if you need to run HD video and audio to a remote TV.

HDMI is most common interface on High Definition devices like HD cameras, HD camcorders, video gaming consoles, LCD and LED TVs. Most of the applications call for HDMI signal to be extended ranging anywhere from a few feet to several hundred feet. If you are looking to extend the HDMI signal a few feet from your video source you can use a standard HDMI cable.

HDMI Extender

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10 Innovative And Economical Ways For Managing Cables In Your Home

The truth is that most people at one point or another have cluttered and messy cables running in their homes. It could be those messy tangles behind the home entertainment system, or those scary knots of cables under the desktop computer in the home office. If your cables at home are currently in such a state and you decide it is about time you did something about it, you do not need to spend plenty of money or time doing so. Here are ten cool suggestions you can use that will save you both time and money as you bring these cables under control:

  1. Label all your plugs for easy identification – Trying to arrange your cables so that they can look neat and order is hard enough without even having to guess where each cable belongs. That is why it is vital to label all your plugs before you begin with the rearranging process. You can use a masking tape, marker and label maker to accomplish this.
  2. Use wrappers to shorten the length of the cables – At times, your cables become cluttered and entangled with one another because they are too long. You can now shorten the length of these cables using DIY wrappers such that they are the exact length between the devices they are connecting. To make a wrapper at home cut out a thin, soft cable strip from an old rubber mat using scissors.
  3. Tie similar cables together – Once you have shortened the length of the cables, they may still appear to be untidy especially if you have plenty of them. It is a good idea to tie similar cables together such that they will appear as one big cable. Select a group of cables going towards the same destination and tie them using inexpensive cable ties.

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How to Connect your Macbook to your TV


Your MacBook can get along great with your TV, as long as you make the right connections. All you need to know is whether your MacBook and TV have the same ports. Even if they don’t, the chances are very good that you can find a compatible adapter. Read more!

Understanding Home Automation

Home automation gives you total control of all your devices and appliances with the touch of a button. If you ever dreamed of having a house where everything was automatic, then that dream can be fulfilled today. Home automation gives you the power to control several things like lighting, HVAC, security cameras, home theatre system, irrigation and many other devices you normally use around the house. For many the question is, “where do I start?” Here are some things you should know about home automation technology.
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Factors When Choosing a Flat Screen TV

Technology is and always has been a constantly changing and forward-moving industry. With the advances in home theater equipment, new challenges arise for consumers who are interested in owning the “latest and greatest” units and the accompanying gadgets. For example, 3D technology has recently become available to the general public. While it tends to be a bit pricey and has definite limitations, it is rapidly gaining in popularity. In the near future, our children will no doubt consider today’s innovations to be “so last year,” as they say. Just think how far television has advanced in your lifetime or your parents’ lifetimes.

Flat Screen TV'sThere is no question as to the best type of television available now. The industry has pushed consumers to make the switch from tube TVs to HDTVs in the recent past, and with good reason. High definition televisions produce a sharper picture and are compatible with the digital electronics used in modern media. However, because of techno-factors, the task of choosing a flat screen is daunting to many consumers. The acronyms can be confusing and one can get lost in the array of possible options.

Screen Types

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