About Lindsey Patterson

Lindsey Patterson is a freelance writer who is an expert in technology involving home security and automation systems. She is currently acting as a consultant to Vivint Alarm.

Is Home Automation Just A Trend?

We live in a world of shifting trends. Many products that seemed cool even five years ago now seem useless and obsolete. New products seem to arrive on the market daily, and many of them disappear as quickly as they came. Still, some products seem to stick. Why? The technologies that have the most long-lasting influence tend to integrate into our lifestyles to the point that we can’t imagine life without them. They become something we rely on, not just a flashy new toy.

One of these new products to recently hit the market is home automation. While some may argue that home automation is just a trend and will be gone within a couple of years, in reality its much more likely to stick around. This is because it changes the way people live. Used correctly, home automation has the potential to change your life in several significant ways. The following are reasons home automation is likely here to stay. Read more!

How Home Automation Can Boost Your Entertainment Experience

Technology makes modern life more convenient than ever before. New cell phones make communication easy. The Internet provides a venue for the instant spread of information and other content. Laptops, TV’s and other electronic devices are constantly finding ways to improve and make our lives more comfortable. One of the recent trends in technological innovation is home automation. In short, home automation centralizes control of your home functions, allowing you to control security, lighting, temperature and even entertainment right from your smartphone or tablet. In 2011 alone, about 1 million home automation systems were sold in North America.

The way people consume movies and listen to music is constantly evolving. The following are reasons why home automation may be the next big step for entertainment junkies.

Streaming is Taking Over

NetflixFor movies and TV as well as music, everything is going digital. The days are almost over when people got out of their chair to put in a DVD or put a CD into a record player. Instead, most people are streaming movies off services like NetFlix or listening to music on Spotify. Read more!