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Home Theatre Spring Cleaning

Spring is the time when a lot of people perform a general clean to their homes. A lot of attention is paid to certain accessories and additions like carpets, curtains, hard-to-reach places and outdoor areas.

If you have a home theatre system, spring is just the time for a clean of the machine. It will rid you of dust and dirt that have accumulated during the winter season when you didn’t have a chance to air the room. It will also make your viewing pleasure better since the screen is going to be brighter and dust-free. No more grainy pictures.


So what do you have to do to spring clean your home theatre? Just follow the instructions below. Read more!

How to Maintain Home Theater Systems in Best Condition

Home Theater Systems (HTS) have several parts that need to be taken care of properly. Projectors, woofers, players, receivers and speakers need more than just cleaning and wiping. If you want your HTS to work properly for as long as possible, you need to maintain and repair every part should a problem occur.

In this article we would like to give you a few tips on how to properly maintain your Home Theater System.

Correct installment

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Types Of TV Screens And How To Keep Them Crystal Clean

For one reason or another, people around me have been left under the impression that I’m technologically savvy. For a few years now, I’ve been in charge of keeping all my friends’ computers and laptops clean (both on a software and hardware level) and working fine and dandy. I don’t really mind because I like tinkering about with tech, but sometimes it gets just too much for me. It’s one thing to ask me to fix computers with basic problems, but it’s another thing altogether to ask about other electronic items around the house.
The latest fad is asking me how to properly clean a screen, whether it’s a TV, monitor or laptop display. Since I’ve experimented with a lot of household products to solve my own problems with smudges on the display (I have the terrible habit of touching my monitor right after I’ve eaten chips or something like that), I’ve always been able to provide a proper solution to the problem. However,  since many people have been asking me about this lately, I decided that it would be better to just write an article about instead of explaining every single time.

How to clean an LCD/Plasma TV screen, monitor or a laptop display

Since most displays today share the same properties, they are all cleaned in the same manner, as well. You only need two basic components – electronics spray and a microfiber towel. Read more!

DIY In-Wall Speakers Installation


Having in-wall speakers in your home can provide room for other more important stuff. Speakers have to be heard but you don’t really need to see them. This is why they provide an option for placing them in a wall. But how is it done?

It certainly is a matter of time and effort, but if you know what you are doing, you will be finished in a few hours and you will have a nice and useful décor on the walls. In this article, we provide information that will help you install your speakers in the wall. Read along.

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How To Pick The Right HDTV For Your Home Theater

A few years ago, it was much easier to pick the right HDTV for your home. We neither had such a big variety of options, nor were able to tell the difference between models. But times have changed, modern technologies become more and more innovative and this simple choice turned into a really big challenge. How to pick up the best HDTV? How can we be sure that it will satisfy our needs? After all, this expensive purchase is a long-term investment and it is very important to choose wisely. So here is a short, buying guide.

The Size


This is the first important thing that you will need to consider. As soon as you enter the store, you will see a big variety of large and small screens, which it is very likely to get you confused and eventually go home with the wrong one. Don’t lose heart! Before you leave for the TV store, you will need to take into account several things. The first one is the overall size of your apartment or home. Is the space in the living room limited (we say the living room, since most people prefer to put their TV there)? Are you planning to hang your TV on the wall, or would you prefer to place it somewhere on the living-room section. How much money have you planned to spend on this luxury? Each of these factors are very important and will give you some basic idea on what to look for. Read more!

Digital Music Revolution: Devices

Everybody loves to listen to music! It reduces the daily stress and takes you far, far away, on a trip around your own dreams and imagination. During the years, manufacturers managed to understand this need and today they give all their best in order to satisfy it. But can we say that we are familiar with the so-called ‘Digital Music Revolution’? If you remember (in fact, if I think for while, you probably don’t. Otherwise you are…hmm.. around 60-65 years old and, well… you may have some difficulties finding your way to my article). Anyway, several decades ago, the only way of listening to music were those old, black records. Right after them, came the era of the cassette tapes and suddenly the whole world went crazy – it was all about those enormous tape recorders. The bigger – the better! In this article, we will try to get you lost into the magic of music. And more particularly – digital music devices. They become more and more popular (although I don’t think that’s possible, since  every third person on this planet has at least one of those little gadgets) and that is why we decided to introduce you to three of the most common types of digital music devices. Here is what we mean. Read more!

Home Security and Automation


We live in a high tech world and even though many of the technologies are not available to the masses due to financial reasons, those who can afford them can definitely make their houses more secure and automated than Fort Knox. Keeping in mind that today most people live much better than the aristocracy from 200 years ago, it’s safe to say that those achievements of human ingenuity will unquestionably get within everyone’s reach in time. There is no doubt in my mind that the beginning of the process will happen in our life and I just want you to be prepared for one heck of a ride. Trust me, an automated house will change your life forever. Read more!