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4 Reasons to Consider Home Automation

Whether or not you have a fancy home, you can install some very simple devices to make it more efficient, user friendly, and more desirable to live in. Technologically speaking, we are way past the simple pleasures of being able to automatically adjust the temperature, starting the crock pot, and turning on lights before you get home, we are in a whole new world.

Provide Energy Management

Power MetersBecause your electrical meter, your refrigerator and each individual lighting fixture in your home all have an internet addresses, they can be controlled remotely. This can be accomplished via remote control within in your home or a custom designed internet application for your smart phone (the internet). These devices can also be set on a timer so as to maximize your energy conservation. Because they are all constantly connected to the internet, data can be collected and analyzed to provide you with up to the minute reporting (if desired) and a breakdown of your energy usage.

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