Digital Music Revolution: Devices

Everybody loves to listen to music! It reduces the daily stress and takes you far, far away, on a trip around your own dreams and imagination. During the years, manufacturers managed to understand this need and today they give all their best in order to satisfy it. But can we say that we are familiar with the so-called ‘Digital Music Revolution’? If you remember (in fact, if I think for while, you probably don’t. Otherwise you are…hmm.. around 60-65 years old and, well… you may have some difficulties finding your way to my article). Anyway, several decades ago, the only way of listening to music were those old, black records. Right after them, came the era of the cassette tapes and suddenly the whole world went crazy – it was all about those enormous tape recorders. The bigger – the better! In this article, we will try to get you lost into the magic of music. And more particularly – digital music devices. They become more and more popular (although I don’t think that’s possible, since  every third person on this planet has at least one of those little gadgets) and that is why we decided to introduce you to three of the most common types of digital music devices. Here is what we mean.

MP3 players

Of course we will start with them. As soon as we discovered the miracle called “Download”, the market literally started vomiting those players. At first, we were able to store only a few songs there. Today, MP3 players become smaller and smaller, and their digital capacity grows every couple of months. We are now able to put hundreds, no, thousands of songs in only one device.

Our applauses go to: The Apple iPod Classic, third generation. Easy-to-use interface, stylish design and incredibly generous capacity of the significant 160 GB.  You can prepare yourself a wonderful collection of the best music hits and you can be sure that you will never get bored of listening to the same songs over and over again. Good job, Apple!

Bluetooth transmitters for home theatre systems

This is another great solution of modern digital technologies. These modern devices give you the opportunity to connect your mobile Smartphone to your home theatre system. Now you can enjoy and control your favourite movies without even getting up from the couch.  You can even listen to your favorite music, again controlling the tracks from your Smartphone.

Our applauses go to: Kesington’s Bluetooth Micro Adapter. It is really small and functional. Also – it is really affordable!


Again – classic! Every music lover has one of those at home (or in their car). However, it is true that we cannot always turn the volume to its maximum. (After all, what are the neighbours for?). So, why do we like them so much? Because they are cool! In fact, during the years, speakers’ manufacturers have become so obsessed with the idea of making the perfect, pure sound, that today the whole experience of listening to your favourite music through one of the latest speakers’ models can be compared only to the adrenaline of being at a concert.

Our applauses go to: The Energy Take Classic 5.1. These wonders of modern technology offer an incredible sound quality at a very reasonable price. And, of course, they look amazing!