Try These Gadgets To Keep The Low Lives Out Of Your Home!

It is a sad fact that the world is currently feeling the effects of a recession and many individuals are struggling like never before. Many of us have taken on an extra job just to put some food on the table, and others can’t even find any employment whatsoever. But there are a shadier group of characters that have decided to prey on the honest citizens out there and have targeted our homes for their nefarious activities. We do what we can to keep our families safe and sometimes that requires a little extra help. This article takes a look at some gadgets that have been designed to help is in the war against crime. If you are concerned about your current set of deterrents, please take a few minutes to read these reviews.

SureGuard Mini Door/Window Contact Alarm – $10 –

We’ll start off with a budget appliance that is also very effective indeed. Costing around ten bucks for each set, the SureGuard gadget offers quite a bang for not a lot of investment. These bad boys are simplicity itself but they do the business and then some! The principle is basically contact related technology. You can fit these to your doors or windows and they come with some neat adhesive pads that do the trick nicely. Once they are in place and the batteries are fitted, as soon as the connection is broken, you will hear a 125 decibel alarm ringing out. That is about as loud as a Metallica concert so even the hard of hearing will wake from the deepest of slumbers! The low cost of these gadgets means that you can make your whole house burglar-proof for the price of a meal for 4! They say simple is sometimes best and in this case they are correct!

Astron64 Solar Security Light – $120 –

Thieves love it when the sun goes down, it allows them to scurry about in the dark and do pretty much what they please. Well we hate that fact and with the help of this gadget, you can shine a little light on their evil ways! This takes and old theme and adds a little something to make the typical homeowner smile a little. As the title suggests, this security light is connected to a solar panel and takes its juice from the world’s favourite star! As well as being solar powered, the Astron64 is waterproof and is rugged enough to withstand the harshest of winters. It is made up of 64 LED’s and can illuminate the darkest of nights. The motion sensor will detect even the smallest of burglars trying to sneak past. The solar panel is a 2.5 W beauty and there is a backup lithium-ion battery for those months where the sun has had enough of us. We love this commercial grade burglar deterrent and believe that every eco-aware homeowner should follow suite and buy one now!

Gadgets 2 House Breakers 0

So there we have 2 very fine burglar deterrents that won’t cost you the family jewels, but they may just prevent them from being stolen!

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This guest post is authored by Kenneth Laban. He is a frequent writer and his articles are usually concerned with security issues and alarm system reviews. His favourite pass time is playing chess and other board games.