15 Top Websites To Watch Free Movies Online

It is no wonder that DVD sales are at an all-time low when people can watch movies for free online. Added to that there are also file sharing sites that allow people to watch movies before they even leave the cinema. It is a dark age for the silver screen. But, if you cannot stop the river from flowing, you may as well hop on board and go with the flow. What websites can I watch free movies? Below are fifteen websites that will allow you to watch movies for free (so long as you have an Internet connection). The list is in no particular order.


1 – YouTube or Hulu

YouTube is great for watching a whole range of movies, as is Hulu, but Hulu is not available in many countries. It is mostly populated with the videos that people have uploaded from their own personal collection, but it is now home to TV shows and movies that you can watch for free. You can also watch many of them in HD too. The only possible downside is that you have to watch unskippable adverts that often appear at the beginning and at intervals throughout the video. If you can put up with this, then you may watch the videos for free without even having to sign up for a YouTube account.

Hulu is a website that allows you to watch TV and movies. There are a lot of free ones that you can watch online if you wish. The TV shows that they run are very popular and are often available on DVD, and the movies they run to go from big cinema pieces to TV movies and low budget movies. It is not a globally available service but is available in the USA, so it is ideal if you are tired of paying for cable or satellite movies. You can just watch them online in the comfort of your own home.

2 – IceFilmsTube

This is a website that allows you to watch HD movies. They differentiate themselves by having more movies for people over the age of eighteen. For example, YouTube does have age restrictions that allow older people to watch films aimed at an adult audience, but you are unlikely to find much gore, nudity and sex on YouTube. On this website, you may find horror movies and gritty action films that other video websites do not have. You do need to install their user interface onto your computer before they allow you to watch the movies.

3 – MoviesPlanet or Nyoo TV

MoviesPlanet is a website full of free movies that you can watch online. Streaming can sometimes be slow, but this is only during peak hours. It does seem to have a loyal fan base that is making the most of the website, so it is worth a look.

Nyoo TV is actually a niche website for watching Asian and Hindi movies and TV shows. If the show or movie is not based in Asia/the middle east or was not made for the middle eastern/Asian market, then the website does not host the video. It has movies but also has TV shows and music videos. It is aimed at people who like Bollywood: This means that there are a lot of shows and movies on there that are aimed at that Indian market.

4 – LetMeWatchThis or MegaShare.info

LetMeWatchThis is a website that does not actually host videos, but that gives you links to domains that are running them for free. Some of the websites that they point to are inaccessible via search engines because they rank so far down. The fact that they link you to movies on domains around the world, you are able to watch movies that are not supposed to be online.

MegaShare.info website has a large collection of movies, TV shows, and TV series. You do not even need to register or sign up for any sort of account. Their collection is quite impressive and you can get straight through to watching your favorite movie without the usual preamble. It is good for seeing those movies that you cannot find on DVD or the ones that are very expensive on DVDs because they are so hard to find.

5 – B Movies

This is a website that is full up with old and classic movies. A lot of the movies are actually quite hard to get on DVD and some of them are even difficult to get illegally on sharing sites, to the website should be praised for its collection. They have a number of categories that you can explore, but you are going to know exactly what the website is all about and the type of movies they display as soon as you run your first search.

6 – iMovieTube

This is actually a website full of public domain movies. They are free because the owner has given up the license on them. There are movies that are simply public domain (some of which are old) and movies that are licensed by independent videographers. You may watch many of the movies in HD, and the interface makes it easy to pick the video you want to watch.

7 – Cosmo Tube.co

This is a website for people who like to watch  TV shows and movies and read about them too. You can watch movies from their catalog or read reviews and see trailers. They are endorsed and supported by some of the mainstream movie producers, which may be why they are able to provide some of the more recent movie trailers.


8 – Crackle

You can watch these movies for free without having to download any sort of interface. They do have adverts on them like YouTube and Hulu, but it is a small price to pay since you are getting your movies for free. If you do register then you gain access to some of their tools such as creating a list of favorite videos to watch.


9 – AZ Movies.xyz

This website allows you to watch movies online. It has a selection of movies that you can access via their categories. You can even search out a movie based on who is in it, which is a very good function that too few video websites have. You can watch the movie as it is, or you can use the subtitles function too, which is good for movies such as Snatch.

10 – PopcornFlix

PopcornFlix does not stream films about popcorn, the name only implies that watching flicks without snacks is not totally perfect, and so is this checklist without PopcornFlix. The internet site is currently a recognized name amongst media streaming web sites as well as has an excellent reputation for providing superb streaming experience. PopcornFlix is one of the most significant movie collections you can discover on the web; it gives series and flicks in various classifications such as scary, charming, drama, journey and more, which you can access without sign up.

The website’s user interface is straightforward, and also direct, the navigating is well laid out as well as is not complicated; simply a solitary web page with movies arranged in thumbnails, plus web links to other details groups.


SnagFilms.com is widely known for its high quality. It provides site visitors with lots of films to watch. They can be seen in HD also 4K high quality. The motion picture selection is additionally facilitated by the neat directory offered. All titles are arranged and grouped according to the genre, also by the score. On the whole, this internet site is considered indeed a fantastic film streaming site where individuals can really have fun viewing whatever they desire in their free time.




One of the most effective free movie streaming sites with no registration needed in 2020 is most definitely SeeHD.Uno. You can stream any kind of film or TELEVISION collection on this web. All you need to do is simply selecting the title that you wish to watch. This site has TV series from lots of nations, consisting of the United States, UK, South Korea, India, and many more. You can pick the top quality of the video too, consisting of HD high quality. Furthermore, SeeHD.Uno usually offers all new movies of Hollywood and also other countries. You can quickly search for the flick you are trying to find by utilizing the navigator option. It is offered under several classifications, including the categories and also titles.


FilmOnline4U.com is a streaming internet site with lots of collection of films, TELEVISION series, and also videos. You can also locate videos about sporting activities and also documentaries on this internet service. Documentaries from Exploration Networks, Background TV, National Geographic, and so on can be discovered easily on this web site. All you require to do to watch the materials from this internet site is generally absolutely nothing. You just choose what you wish to see and afterward hit the play button. It is very easy that you do not even need to enroll in anything.


Aside from the signup attribute, Vumoo is just one of the top web sites that offer premium-grade media content. Vumoo includes over 60 thousand movies, TV shows, as well as far more than you can stream at no charge. The site’s collections are well organized for everybody to discover any kind of movie they are trying to find easily. As if over 60 thousand movies are insufficient, Vumoo likewise features third-party films to allow you to discover a lot more films without leaving the web site.


5movies is among the leading challengers of leading film streaming sites. The website offers complimentary collection, movies, TELEVISION programs, as well as anime. You can likewise locate a wide array of Asian dramatization on the site that you can stream without subscribing. 5Movies has a fast streaming speed and full-screen player; 5movies is a site to stream media contents with little-to-no lagging.


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