Recommended Free TV Guide Apps for Smartphone

Television has long been a part of our daily lives. Our mobile devices have become an effective tool in making sure we don’t miss out on our favorite TV shows. Currently, there are various applications offering television guides and we will present below the best and highly recommended apps for your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices.

Based on a study, 85 percent of TV viewers use their mobile devices. As discussed in the article, people have become “multi-screener’s” by watching television shows while browsing on their Smartphones and tablets. It just shows how important mobile gadgets have become. In this article, we will present the must-have TV guides for your handy gadget.

TV Guide Mobile:

TV Guide goes mobile. You can now get the latest news and set a reminder for your favorite shows with the help of the TV Guide Mobile app. It also allows you to view a list of the most popular television shows, celebrities, movies and videos. TV Guide also has the latest movie trailers from the upcoming Hollywood flicks. For Sports fans, they have all the news from your favorite teams in the NFL, NCAA, MLB, NBA, MLS, WNBA and the NHL. The application works for iOS and Android devices.

BuddyTV Guide:

BuddyTVThe BuddyTV Guide app allows you to create your own television lineups and to avoid missing your favorite shows. You will also be alerted of new airings, connect with other fans, share interesting data, and get all the information of programs including its schedule. BuddyTV Guide also transforms your mobile device into a remote control just by tapping the app to tune in. It now supports the new iPhone 5 with improved UI for home screen. “Find good shows much more efficiently than you would by channel surfing … a home run,” Bob Tedeschi wrote in his The New York Times article.


Developed by ITV PLC, the i.TV app offers channel listings in the United States and Canada users. You can bookmark shows, schedule an alarm, and search certain episodes or seasons of your favorite television series on Netflix, iTunes and Hulu. In addition, users will get a quick access to Wikipedia and IMDb for more information about the shows and celebrities. The i.TV app also has an Android version for Galaxy Tab (P1000), Ace2, Galaxy Note 10.1, Galaxy Note2, Galaxy Note (original, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2 and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4.

The apps presented above are the top TV guides you should have on your Smartphone and tablet. You can also enhance your home entertainment experience by getting an HDTV and connecting multiple devices with an A/V receiver.