Sony’s new 4K Ultra HD Video Download Service

Sony XBR-X900A 4K Ultra HD Video Service

credit – Sony

Sony made several announcements at IFA 2013 this year.  One of them was the news of a new Video Download Service for Ultra HD content.  Video Unlimited 4K Service is the first 4K Ultra HD only video download service.  Those of you who ran out and bought a 4K or Ultra HD TV will now have something to watch in native 4K mode.

“Sony Pictures has been working in 4K for several years. 4K mastering and restoration allows us to capture and convey more of the information from a film’s original 35mm negative, while new 4K cameras like the F65 offer higher resolution and expanded color palettes to help us create ever-more immersive experiences for audiences in theaters and at home.” —Chris Cookson, President of Sony Pictures Technologies

Video Unlimited 4K

The service currently has 70 full length feature movies and TV shows from it’s own Sony Pictures Entertainment Division and another 100 expected by the end of the year. The cost for a TV episode is $3.99 and a full length movie will be $7.99.  There will even be some movies available for purchase.

The service will also be featuring the hottest new releases such as This is the End, After Earth and Elysium.

Sony 4K Ultra HD Media Player

The new service is accessible now using a Sony 4K Ultra HD Media Player FMP-X1 connected to an Ultra HD TV.  The player can play back 4K content and store up to 50 feature files in native 4K format on its built-in 2TB hard drive. You can increase storage if you want by adding another drive via the units USB port.  The players come preloaded with movies and video shorts, including Battle: Los Angeles, Bridge on the River Kwai, The Amazing Spider-Man and others.

New more affordable Ultra HD TV

In the same announcement Sony released two new Ultra HD TV’s, the XBR-55XA900 or XBR-65X900A. Sony priced these models at a more affordable level than other vendors previously did.  The 55XA900 will retail for $4,999 and the 65X900 for $6,999.  These prices are well below what Samsung and LG priced their models.

To get setup to view Ultra HD TV you’ll spend about $4,700 on a 55” and the player.  Amazon already has the TV discounted down to $3,998 and $5,498 respectively.