Up And Coming Digital Media Hot Spots

In the era of the internet, our lives are full of digital influences. From social media to smartphones, we’re all in on the action and have become seasoned pros at all things technological. Time moves quickly in the digital age, so it has become increasingly important to stay up to date and in the know when it comes to the best in digital media technology and applications.


twitterMove over Spotify and blip.fm; Twitter is in the process of launching their own music sharing and streaming website. The website is already the ideal place for musicians to connect with their fans, and now they’re being given a chance to offer music to the fans directly. Twitter has teamed up with the small music discovery service We Are Hunted to provide music lovers with the opportunity to discover new and exciting bands on one platform. The service is currently invite-only, with a view to becoming public in the near future.


Netflix and LoveFilm have become household names over the last few years, with the majority of families now using some form of web streaming application. BlinkBox, Tesco’s version of a TV-streaming Blockbuster, has become a firm favourite with so many viewers that it is now a steady rival to its international counterparts. This success has allowed Tesco to open a second TV streaming service, Clubcard TV, in which BlinkBox carries an 80% stake. Clubcard TV offers free TV and movie services to customers who own a Clubcard. This is a web only application at the moment, but the expectation is there for them to produce tablet and smartphone apps as popularity (and therefore demand) grows.LG-TV300

Image Sharing

Photography is an important part of the online experience, from sharing photographs on Facebook to displaying high quality images on our blogs and websites. Photo sharing websites are not a new innovation by any stretch of the imagination, but PASS brings a new slant to the concept; high quality galleries are displayed simply and accessed easily by anyone, on any device. So simple is the concept that their instructions are simply “Just open it”. This is a service you pay for, but one that is gaining popularity steadily – not only with photographers, but with customers like brides who want to share their special photographs with all of their loved ones.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is the newest, most exciting way of sharing information; simply point your headset, smartphone or tablet at something and facts about it will pop up on your screen. Your AR headset can even be used as a personal cinema. This is incredible technology that is being utilised even by schools as a tool to make learning more exciting and easier to manage. There are many brands bringing out their own AR glasses – Google Glass, Oakley Airwave and Vuzix M100 to name just a few – and this technology is pegged to eventually end up being an integral part of our everyday lives.

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