How To Improve Your TV’s Sound With In-Wall Speakers: 3 Rules To Follow

Have you recently bought a flat screen TV? If you love the picture but hate the sound, you aren’t alone. Surround sound systems are cheap but few people like the look of the wires or the quality of the sound. Sound bars often promise ‘virtual surround sound’ but fail to live up to expectations. One way to improve your TV’s sound is by purchasing and installing in-wall speakers. These deliver quality sound without ruining the look of your living room. Here are three rules that can help you get excellent sound without a ruinously expensive price tag.

#1. Find The Perfect Screen Positioning

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5 Steps To Setting Up A Simple Cinema Room At Home

If you love watching movies more than anything else in the world you must build a cinema inside your home. It doesn’t need to be huge because you won’t be inviting strangers in off the street.  I’m sure you’ve thought about it before even if it was just for a few minutes, but let’s look at the stuff you would need if you decided to go through with it. It might be a worthy investment if you go to the movie theater a lot at the moment.

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What Are Your Options for Storing Those Precious Family Photos

A few years back, most people only had SLR cameras which used film and as a result there were far fewer photos taken. But these days with the advent of digital cameras and smartphones you can take as many photos as you want and only have the ones you really like printed. While this is a brilliant surge forward, it also means that there is a new problem to think about, and it’s the problem of where on earth you are going to store all of these photos! Keeping your family photos safe is really important – all those pictures that you take of the kids growing up will be treasured for years to come, so it’s vital that you keep them safe. So where do you keep them? Here are a few options: Read more!

Most Exciting Things That Happened With Televisions At CES

The CES, or Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas has been chock-full of absolutely mind-blowing technologies and gadgets that will be available at some point throughout 2014. Showcases with everything from automated homes to the latest in greatest in mobile technologies have received a fair amount of attention from both the media and conventioneers on the floor. However, while there is no shortage of new and exciting technologies at CES, one area that is really exciting for the first time in years are the television booths.

Sony 4k TV

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Smartphones and Tablets Turned to Home Theater Remote Control

As technology rises from time to time, people are also adapting to it. Since technology has been boosting from the time it started up to now, a lot of inventions and innovations were created. It has also been a very helpful way to improve our lifestyle. Technology is a big help if people will use it in a proper way.

Two of the greatest innovations that we have today are smartphones and tablets. Most  people these days have any of the two. Smartphones aren’t just simply phones used for calling other people anymore. They are built with more advanced computing capability and connectivity than your basic phone. Likewise with your tablets, you can also surf the web through WiFi connection, Bluetooth, personal hotspot or mobile data. Also, the features and specifications of your smartphones and tablets depend on their versions. The more modern it is, the more it has advanced features.

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Is your Smart TV Getting Hacked Right Now?

When was the last time you watched TV on a black and white model? The only place you tend to see them these days is inside museums. Smart TVs are the next big thing and we’ll all have one eventually. Who doesn’t want to access the internet on a massive LCD screen while lying on their couch? With any new technology we have to be careful because there are dangers we can’t see.

If you have a phone or a computer you’ll be aware of what hackers can do, but you should also be aware it’s possible for them to get into your TV. When I say they’ll hack into your TV it’s not because they want to watch a few shows without paying for cable. They actually want to cause you serious damage and we’ll take a look at two of the big dangers you face.

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A Guide To Projectors And Setting Up Your Home Cinema

There are hundreds of different projector models on the market, which can make it confusing to decide which one is suitable for setting up a home cinema.

Choosing a projector

Four primary factors should be considered when selecting a projector suitable to your needs.

1 – Brightness

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Curved TV: the future of TV?

Samsung Curved OLED

Samsung has already accomplished a great deal in the world of curved tvs, but this time it would like to take things a step further, by making a television that could alter shape depending on what you are watching.

Introduced at CES was just what Samsung is calling a ‘Bendable’ TV – it really is a television display screen that can bend at a point and alter between curved and flat . Of course, we are not really keen about the concept of curved TVs as of this time, but witnessed in the flesh, the model flex Samsung TV definitely looks cool.

How Curved TV’s Work

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How to Maintain Home Theater Systems in Best Condition

Home Theater Systems (HTS) have several parts that need to be taken care of properly. Projectors, woofers, players, receivers and speakers need more than just cleaning and wiping. If you want your HTS to work properly for as long as possible, you need to maintain and repair every part should a problem occur.

In this article we would like to give you a few tips on how to properly maintain your Home Theater System.

Correct installment

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Should I Switch To A TV Antenna Instead Of Cable?

In today’s technology-driven world, most of us automatically assume that we must pay high-monthly fees to watch our favorite TV shows. We’ve always had to pay high amounts for our monthly cable subscription. We’ve gotten used to it, we’ve factored in this payment into our monthly budgets, and we’ve accepted the fact that we will always have to pay large amounts of money if we want access to the television shows that we want to watch.

However, for some Americans the cost of cable television is becoming expensive and prohibitive. That has led them to get creative and start looking into other options for TV access. Many people are opting out of their cable subscriptions and replacing them with digital television antennas.

What is a TV Antenna?


A television antenna (sometimes called an aerial) is a metal conductor specifically designed to transmit, send and receive over-the-air (OTA) broadcast TV signals at a certain frequency.

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5 Things To Know About Smart TVs

The technological innovations have been taking large steps in the past few years and the smart technologies have moved from our phones to tablets and TVs.

Although the market for smart TVs is still relatively small there are more and more affordable options now available to choose from. Here are five things you should know before you get a smart TV.

1. What Makes A TV Smart?

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