10 Innovative And Economical Ways For Managing Cables In Your Home

The truth is that most people at one point or another have cluttered and messy cables running in their homes. It could be those messy tangles behind the home entertainment system, or those scary knots of cables under the desktop computer in the home office. If your cables at home are currently in such a state and you decide it is about time you did something about it, you do not need to spend plenty of money or time doing so. Here are ten cool suggestions you can use that will save you both time and money as you bring these cables under control:

  • Label all your plugs for easy identification – Trying to arrange your cables so that they can look neat and order is hard enough without even having to guess where each cable belongs. That is why it is vital to label all your plugs before you begin with the rearranging process. You can use a masking tape, marker and label maker to accomplish this.
  • Use wrappers to shorten the length of the cables – At times, your cables become cluttered and entangled with one another because they are too long. You can now shorten the length of these cables using DIY wrappers such that they are the exact length between the devices they are connecting. To make a wrapper at home cut out a thin, soft cable strip from an old rubber mat using scissors.
  • Tie similar cables together – Once you have shortened the length of the cables, they may still appear to be untidy especially if you have plenty of them. It is a good idea to tie similar cables together such that they will appear as one big cable. Select a group of cables going towards the same destination and tie them using inexpensive cable ties.
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  • Consider building a cable-hiding station – In this technology age, most people have a number of devices in their home from cell phones, portable music players to tablets and palmtops that need to be charged on almost on a daily basis. You can organize all these charging cables into a single charging unit, which you can easily build using recycled material lying around in your home.
  • Use pipe insulation to hide cables away – For cables that are cluttered near your power strip, you can use foam pipe insulation to hide them from plain sight. You simply need to cut the pipe insulation to size, stow the cables in it and then pull out the ends of the cable through the slit. Do this especially for cables that present potential danger of electrical fault.
  • Untangle your extension cords using towel tube – If your extension is longer than you need it to be, you can use a paper towel tube to keep the extra length tangle free. This is an excellent way of recycling your paper towel tube instead of simply putting it in the trashcan. You save your money and the environment!
  • Use ear bud cardboard to wrap cords – Alternatively, instead of using your paper towel tube to keep the long cords in order, you can learn the trick of ear bud cotton wrapping. This art comes in handy especially if you have a pile of tangled long cables stuffed in your closet.
  • Get a binder clip for your plugs – At times, your cell phone, computer or laptop plugs fall off the back of your desk when connected, which contributes to the cluttering process. You can prevent this by using binder clips to hold the plugs. You do not require any modification, simply release the clamp, run your plug through and then clip it on the back of your desk.
  • Get your cables off the floor – It is an excellent idea to get all the cables under your desk off the floor. Such cables include those USB, audio, monitor and power cables. You can achieve this using a very simple wire basket that you can make yourself right at home.
  • Use a pegboard for your gadgets – Low-lying gadgets can contribute to the messy process of accumulating too many cables running around. You should consider custom mounting all your devices and their cables to a pegboard using cable or wire ties. After that, stow the whole bunch under your desk for a cleaner and neat look.
  • As you can see, these ways are pretty easy to handle right at home and the best thing is that they didn’t cost you an arm or a leg to utilize these solutions. Go on, folks, try out these ideas and make your home look less like a scene out of a movie where cables are invading your house!



    Ryan is a passionate blogger who has for many years shared his love for technology with countless of faithful readers. He wrote this article because he uses a lot of Cmple cables and that’s why he has invented all these neat ways to help manage them neatly since he happens to be a clean freak.