2 Great Headphones For Your Home Theater

If you’ve invested a lot of money, time and effort into your home cinema, don’ forget to buy a good pair of wireless home theater headset.  These wireless headsets have only recently caught up with the sound quality of its wired companions. A good pair of headset should last you a lifetime. Don’t forget to test it out first and remember that you should hear every detail in the soundtrack without any outside noise interference. Here are 2 of the best headsets you can get for your home theater.

Shure SRH1440 Professional

Shure SRH1440

If you want a large, full-size headphone, the Shure SRH1440 is for you. It’s lightweight in spite of its size. It also has a gentle earpad pressure so you are extra comfortable while watching your favorite movies.

You can use this with phones and other digital devices but it is best for the home theater with an AV receiver.  These headphones are large and don’t fold flat or collapse so it might be a hassle to bring this along with you when you travel. It also lacks a remote control on the cable.

If you are sensitive to strong chemical odors, you might want to skip using the travel case included in the package. If you really need to use it, air it out for a few days before putting your headphones in.

You can expect a high detail sound with these headphones. Audiophiles and movie enthusiasts will be thrilled with this feature. The  Shure SRH1440 costs $399. It is a solid investment that will last you a lifetime.

Sennheiser HD 700

Sennheiser HD 700

The Sennheiser HD700 is another large, full-size headphone. It has a wide open sound profile that sounds great when used on digital music players. These headphones sound effortless without any strain or harshness  or aggressive edge. The bass, treble balance and midrange are very smooth. There are no overly exaggerated frequencies with these headphones.

These headphones feel like they weigh almost nothing once you wear them. It has plush microfiber covered earpads. This material will less likely make your ears sweat compared to regular leather pads. These headphones are comfortable even after hours of use.

The earpieces are designed to freely move on lateral and vertical pivots so they conform to any head shape with ease. Because it has an open-back design, it does not protect the user from outside noise. Also, if you sit close to someone wearing the headphones, you will be able to hear the sound coming from it.

The Sennheiser HD 700 costs $999.

These headphones are great additions to your home theater. Don’t let the price turn you off as these are quality investments that will give you years and years of entertainment.

Joe Stanley is a tech blogger that writes about the latest technology. He has a site about sound control services that you can find here.