4 Simple Ways To Connect Your Mobile Device To Your Massive TV Screen

Have you noticed how everything seems to be morphing together these days? Your mobile phone and tablet have nearly made cameras and laptops redundant. Now it’s your television’s turn to get in on the action because it wants to take the screen away from your mobile device. First you will need to know how it’s possible to connect them together and we’re going to look at some suggestions below.

Micro HDMI connection

As long as you don’t have a very old mobile device it should be possible for you to hook it up to your HDMI-ready TV and all you will need is a micro HDMI cable. The smaller end will slide into your smartphone or tablet and the other end will go into the TV. Once you’re connected you will be able to see everything on your mobile device displayed on your giant screen. Try to make sure you pick up a HDMI cable that supports 1080p HD video.

DLNA connection

Some people will hate the last suggestion because it means they will always need to be physically connected to their TV. There are other ways and the first one we’re going to look at is a DLNA connection which will link up your TV to your mobile device over Wi-Fi. They are already saying wireless-ready TVs are going to reach over a hundred million homes in the next few years. If you have a game console you can also stream mobile content to it over DLNA.

Connect via an app

This is probably the option most people have heard about recently because apps seem to be taking over everything. No doubt apps will perform magic in the future, but right now you can use them to connect to your TV. Your best bet at the moment is to find a video streaming service that offers a complimentary app. Netflix is the perfect example because everyone knows who they are. If you start watching a movie on your iPad you’ll be able to finish watching it on your TV.

Third-party hardware and app

boxeeThe last option we’re going to look at is the ability to connect your TV and mobile device together through a third-party gadget. This means it will connect both devices together through a central point. Boxee, who have just joined Samsung, are a great example to use because you will be given a physical box to keep next to your TV. Your smartphone app will connect to the Boxee device, which in turn will then connect to your TV.

So many possibilities

The future is only a few years away now and soon it will be normal to connect your mobile device and your TV together. Why would you use a tiny screen when you’re sitting at home instead of taking advantage of the giant screen right in front of you? I’ve focused in on the benefit of having a bigger screen available, but I’m sure you must realize that is only scratching on the surface of all the possibilities that will be available.

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