5 Ways to Improve Your Home Entertainment Viewing Experience

When you’re creating a home entertainment system, there are a lot of add-on to chose from. You can buy speakers, DVD players, HDTV’s or even download mobile applications to improve your overall viewing experience. Take a look at these five ways to make your home theater one for the ages!

Enjoy Enhanced Sound with Upgraded Speakers

Surround Sound Speaker

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The best speakers for a home entertainment system are surround sound. However, if you don’t have the money to splurge on surround sound or you don’t want speakers mounted all around your room, you can opt for a sound bar. A sound bar throws sound across the room so that it feels like surround sound, but it isn’t. You can always just rely on the built-in stereo sound on your TV, but you’ll have a much better viewing experience with upgraded speakers.

Get the Best Picture with an HDTV

Flat Screen TV

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By far, the most important piece of equipment in your home entertainment system is the TV. Some people believe a projector provides the best experience because it makes the room feel like a movie theater, while others believe that a big, flat-screen TV provides a better quality picture. No matter which option you choose, you need to make sure that it is big enough for everyone to see and capable of high-quality picture.

Control the Shows You Watch with a DVR and Cable Service


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No home entertainment system is complete without a DVR. It is a device that lets you record shows from TV so you can watch them later. It also lets you pause, rewind, and fast forward TV so you never have to miss a thing. Imagine watching the Super Bowl and being able to rewind plays so you can see them again to determine whether a referee made a right call or not.

Take Advantage of Useful Apps

What's On? TV Listings App Image via Flickr by robthetechguy

There is almost an app for anything now. That even goes into the world of home entertainment. You can use your HTC Windows phone 8 to record shows to your DVR while you are at work, vacation, or anywhere else life may take you. You can download a variety of different apps to show the television listings, rate different shows, or even watch your favorite shows on the go with a tablet computer or smartphone. The best way to maximize your viewing experience is to utilize the capabilities of mobile technology.

Connect Multiple Devices with an A/V Receiver

Home Entertainment A/V Receiver

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Most TVs only have two to three places to connect exterior devices. This presents a problem when you are trying to create a home entertainment system that is connected to cable, a Blu-ray player, and multiple gaming systems. That’s when you should add on an A/V receiver. It is basically a hub that allows you to connect everything. An A/V receiver also makes it easier to switch between components because they don’t all have to be programmed separately like on a TV. If you’ve ever created a home entertainment system, you know why using add-ons is important. What other add-ons do you think are important in enhancing your viewing experience?