Easy Spectrum Cable Box/App Error Codes Troubleshooting

Spectrum TV Stream is an over-the-top Internet television service that allows you to stream on-demand and live video content on your devices using the Internet, rather than the standard television signal. It is available only to Charter Spectrum Internet customers and can be found in the form of an app for Android and iOS devices, as well as Roku devices.

Unfortunately, the Spectrum apps and devices are not without their flaws, and many viewers have found themselves face-to-face with an error code and their app’s refusal to play content.

Fortunately, most of these problems can be dealt with by a simple rebooting of the app or device, or in cases of Internet connection trouble, rebooting your router. That being said, in some cases, you will need to get a little more involved or call customer support if it is beyond what you can do from home.

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In a world of convenience, this isn’t ideal. We can’t guarantee that you will never face these codes again if you follow our advice, but we can help you understand what most of the common codes a Spectrum app might throw up means, as well as how you might go about fixing the problem that code represents. Here are some of the most common Spectrum cable box error codes.

Spectrum Error Code IA01

Error code IA01 is a tricky one, as it can be caused by a range of things. The most common causes include poorly connected cables or misconfigured system files. Unfortunately, this makes it hard to isolate exactly what the cause is, though it is generally worth checking the cables and restarting the cable box as a matter of course. You will typically encounter this error during the boot-up of your cable box.

Spectrum Error Code HL1000

The HL1000 error code is another problem you may encounter during the start-up of your device or app, though it can also crop up in the middle of you streaming something. It can sometimes be caused by a data issue on the receiver or some kind of false start. It will typically say “Currently unavailable,” with the standard advice being to try again later. Unfortunately, this error prevents the app from restarting, so it will need resolving before you can get your content playing again. You can try resetting your receiver data, but if that doesn’t work, you may need to reinstall your app.

Spectrum Error Code SLC-1000

This error is the result of a failure to connect to the Internet, which, of course, is a problem for a device or app that streams video content. Though the problem could be with your app or cable box, it is far more likely to be something wrong with your Internet connection itself. Check to make sure other devices on the same network are getting an Internet connection, and try rebooting your router.

Spectrum Error Code RGE-1001

RGE-1001 seems to be an error that primarily affects people who are streaming content through their Roku devices, with the most common situation being one in which multiple Roku devices are using the same Spectrum account. Reinstalling the app on your Roku device can sometimes fix the problem, though you may need to log out of one of your devices before attempting to use another. Or, if you have more than two devices, log out of all but the one you are streaming on. If you are also using the app, be sure to close it down if it is not what you are using to stream.

Spectrum Error Code 3014

3014 is an error that is brought about by the misconfiguration of the registry files in your Spectrum app. Fixing this problem is a little involved but not especially difficult. Just follow these steps;

  • Open your Settings and head to Update & Security
  • Navigate to the Recovery tab
  • Find Advanced Startup and then hit Restart Now
  • Tap Choose an Option and then Troubleshoot
  • Once again, select Advanced Options
  • Finally, select Automated Repair

Once the recovery process is complete, the error should be dealt with.

Spectrum Error Code WUC-1002

This problem typically occurs when you visit multiple channels on your Spectrum app or device and happens because the cache becomes full. In most cases, simply rebooting the app or device will solve this problem. That being said, you may also have to reboot your router in some cases if that doesn’t work.

Spectrum Error Code RLP-1006

This error is a particularly troublesome one, as not much is known about it. Sometimes updating your software will do the job. However, if that doesn’t work, you will need to contact Spectrum’s customer services.

Spectrum Cable Box Says e-8

E-8 is one of the boot-up stages that a cable box goes through as it powers up. If you are seeing that code and your box is not completing the boot-up procedure, you will need to get in touch with customer support and is it could indicate something significantly wrong with the inner workings of your cable box.

Time Warner Cable Box Says E-3

An E-3 error is an error related to the On-Demand part of the service, though it doesn’t necessarily mean there is a problem with that service. Often times a simple reboot of your Spectrum device or app will do the job; however, if that doesn’t work, you may have to wait for the issue to be resolved on the other end.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are plenty of commonly asked questions regarding Spectrum apps and devices, so we’ve done our best to cover them all here.Check out the best streaming sticks on Amazon that won’t let you down!

What does Spectrum ref code S0600 mean?

S0600 is a code that appears when your app or device has lost the incoming stream. This could be due to hardware problems, local network congestion, or your Internet connection is lost.

What is error code RLC 1000 on Spectrum?

The most common cause of an RLC 1000 error is a slow Internet connection. This can happen if a lot of people are attempting to use the Internet connection in your home with high-bandwidth activities, causing congestion in your local network. It can also happen if there are problems remotely or if your Internet connection itself is experiencing problems.

What is Spectrum error IGE 9000?

IGE 9000 is a generic error for the iOS app that could have a number of different causes. Unfortunately, the best way to deal with this problem is to wait a little time and then restart the app and try again.

What is error code RLP 999?

This error code relates to Roku specifically and means that a request cannot be completed. Such a request may be a search string or an attempt to play a stream. Regardless of what is causing it, the best advice remains to wait a little while and then reboot the device.

What does DVS 1001 mean?

Specific to the Android app, this code means that a requested channel is unavailable. It is possible that this code means exactly what it says-that the requested channel is not there-but more often it indicates a poor Internet connection. Once you have established that your connection is good, restart your app.

What does E607 mean on my cable box?

While we’re not sure what this code means specifically, we can say it is a boot code, and boot codes are a bad sign. If your cable box is not loading up and you are getting this error code, you will probably need to contact customer support for additional help.

What does Spectrum ref code S0900 mean?

Specifically, on a Time Warner cable box, this code means that no Internet connection is being seen by the box. Your Internet may have dropped out, or you may have loose wires going into the job. Check your Internet connection, and if that is good, check your cables.

Final Thoughts

Spectrum may be a great middle-ground between traditional television and fully on-demand services like Netflix or Amazon Prime, but it is not without its problems. A whole host of error codes are relatively common for Spectrum apps, with different codes representing specific issues on different platforms. For example, codes beginning with “W” relate to the Spectrum web player, whereas codes beginning with “I” relate to the iOS app. Codes beginning with “D” relate to the Android app, and codes beginning with “R” relate to Roku.

The service is intended to be an alternative to the traditional TV-watching experience and allows viewers to enjoy their video content in a range of different scenarios, whether it be in the home or on the go. One of Spectrum’s goals is to provide a compelling option for cord-cutters who are looking to get rid of their cable box altogether, as they offer “skinny bundles” which allow subscribers more control over what they are paying for, rather than being stuck with a range of channels they do not want or need.

Whatever the cause of your error code woes, a methodical approach to troubleshooting will go a long way, especially if you do end up needing to contact customer services as they will want you to try certain universal fixes before getting into anything specific.