How to Use Your Tablet to Improve Home Entertainment

Mobile technology has grown rapidly over the past few years. Tablets are now the forefront of mobile innovation. Everyone knows you can use a tablet for personal entertainment. However, did you know that a tablet can really be a control center for your entire home entertainment system? Here are 3 great ways to do just that.

3. Stream Content Directly to Your TV


Image via Flickr by Myricepower

There’s a steady transition away from physical media such as DVDs and Blue Rays. The growing trend is toward streaming content via platforms like Netflix, HBOGo or On Demand. If you have a tablet with one of the many streaming apps, then you can actually connect it to your television and play a movie or video directly through it.

There are several different methods, but here are 3 of the easiest ways to play movies from your tablet through your television.

  • Connect via Micro HDMI: Many newer tablets have a Micro HDMI connection available. This chord directly links your tablet to your television, displaying any video you choose to play on your tablet through your television as well.
  • Connect via DLNA: A DLNA is designed to connect your television to your mobile device through Wi-Fi. This will allow you to effortlessly play movies or other videos without a chord.
  • Third Party Hardware: Other hardware such as an XBOX or PlayStation will allow you to connect the media device on your tablet to the television.

2. Revolutionize the Way You Listen to Music


Image via Flickr by Jayne Loughst

Music entertainment in the home has changed throughout the years. What began as the phonograph turned into radios, which then grew into vinyl records, then to cassettes and CDs. Now we can download thousands of songs directly to our mobile device without needing to clutter our entertainment centers.

By connecting your android tablet to the stereo you can play any song imaginable. Not only can you purchase and download specific songs, but also your tablet has several free radio applications that will stream music through your stereo.

1. Throw Away Your Remote & Use Your Tablet Instead


Image via Flickr by Mike Rohde

Entertainment systems can sometimes seem overwhelming. With every accessory having a remote control, it can be a daunting task just turning on the television. Wouldn’t it be great if you could simplify the entire process and control all of your devices with one controller?

There are high-quality universal remotes on the market that use radio frequencies, but these devices can sometimes run upwards of $500. This is essentially the same price point of many high-end tablets, which allow you to download applications that can control all the electronic devices in your home entertainment system. So pricy universal remotes are really just a waste of money when can get the same features (and more) with a tablet.

Advancing technology has helped streamline entertainment. Tablets are at the forefront of this transition, changing the way we watch movies, listen to music, and ultimately interact with media at a fundamental level. Can you think of any other benefits your mobile device can have on home entertainment?