Micro HDMI VS Mini HDMI Simple Difference Explained

Today we will talk about 3 different types of the HDMI connector: Standard HDMI, mini-HDMI and micro-HDMI. Let’s consider the main technical and ergonomic characteristics of these connectors. The difference between these 3 types of cables is the size. Standard is by far the most common. Micro and mini are pretty rare. Always check the cable size required when making purchases.

Sizes Of Cables

 There are 3 different size HDMI ports:

  • Standard HDMI (also called Type A)
  • Mini HDMI (also called Type C)
  • Micro HDMI (also called Type D)

Types Of Cables

  • Type-A-most cables have this type of USB connector on one end, and the cables of modern keyboards and mice are also included there. Personal computers and chargers are equipped with the same type of USB;
  • Type-B is a port used to connect printers and other peripherals to your computer. But it is not currently as common as USB Type-A;
  • Type-C-such a cable may have the same connector on both ends. Claimed higher data transfer rate and higher power compared to previous USB standards. This connector was used by Apple for Thunderbolt

Usage Of  Standard HDMI, Mini-HDMI, And Micro-HDMI

Standard HDMI

TVs, DVD players, computers, video games, and similar electronic products like smartphones, tablets, and camcorders.


DSLR cameras standard-sized tablets


Smaller portable devices such as smartphones and smaller tablets



Whats is HDMI?

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. Its purpose is to transmit audio and video data/signals from a device such as a computer, TV, video camera or tablet, just to name a few! For the nerds out there, specifically its a digital interface that replaces analog standards such as SCART and RBG Component. HDMI has three connection types, Standard (Type A), Mini (Type C) and Micro (Type B). By far, the most popular is Standard

What is a Standard HDMI port?

This connector is the most popular HDMI connection type. You will find the Standard HMDI on 99% of HDTVs and a significant amount of laptops. However, laptops getting smaller and smaller manufacturers are starting to longing include a Standard HDMI port (Type A).

What is the Mini HDMI called?

Essentially this is the same as the Standard or Type-A port. However, a Mini HDMI cannot be connected to s Standard HDMI port (Type A). The Mini HDMI (Type C) tends to be used and smaller devices due to its smaller size

What size is Micro HDMI?

Again, it’s just a smaller version to mini HDMI and it’s around the same size as your phone charger. These tend to be found on devices such as tablets and camcorders.

What is the difference between HDMI and HDMI MHL?

MHL stands for Mobile High Definition Link. Essentially it’s a technical standard that is designed to allow HDMI cables to be plugged into Micro-USB and USB-TypeC. These ports are phones on all Android devices. You do need an adapter marked with MHL to plug in your HDMI cable to your phone. It’s a small cable with one end being Micro USB or USB-TypeC and the other mainly tends to be a Standard HDMI connector


Today we have covered various types of HDMI connectors and standards. Now you know all the popular types of connectors with the standard one being by far superior. I hope this information was useful for you.