The Three Main Types Of TV Brackets

If you have a flat panel TV it’s probably not got past your notice that the best way to watch this type of television is when it’s mounted on the wall. Many flat-screen TVs are now mounted this way as it gives the best viewing experience while also creating more space in the room for other furniture items. Many people take the mounting of the TV so seriously they create a narrow ‘hole’ in the wall where they TV is mounted to give the illusion that the TV is flush with the wall surface and then also ‘bury’ the cables into the wall so that they don’t spoil the look of the television display.

There are a number of different types of television brackets available suitable for different viewing needs. They include:

Tilt TV brackets:

These types of TV brackets can be purchased to hold just about any size of television. The bracket is designed to allow the television to be tilted if necessary. These brackets work well to reduce the glare on the television from the Sun’s rays and are also good if you need to mount the television at high viewing position on the wall. They don’t however offer any angular adjustment of the TV to the left or the right.

Swivel TV brackets

VESA 200 wall mount bracketThese TV brackets usually allow a certain amount of tilt to be applied to the television, but it’s their swivelling characteristics which make them a consumer favourite. Their swivel function allows the television to be turned to the left or the right as and when is need so that the TV can be viewed from different areas in the room.

Cantilever TV brackets

These TV brackets allow the TV to be tilted and turned to an appropriate viewing angle. They also allow the TV to be pulled away from the wall by a certain distance if needed. Cantilever TV brackets are the best option of you need to mount the television in the corner of the room.

Buying a VESA bracket

Most TV brackets you buy today will be VESA compliant. This means that the standard hole fixing sizes on the back of your television will match the size of the mounting holes on the bracket. You’ll also find that TV bracket manufacturers will include all the screws needed to mount your bracket to your TV. All you have to do is purchase a bracket in a size large enough to support the weight of your television.

Dan Crookshank fits TV brackets for a living. He always uses when buying his stock.