Top Things That Might Be Ruining Your TV Signal – That You Might Not Have Considered

When your TV doesn’t pick up signal properly, it can be surprisingly upsetting. It might not seem like the be-all and end-all, but when you’re trying to watch your favourite program only to find it cutting out every two minutes, it can actually be enough to drive you slightly mad.

If you find yourself in this scenario, then you will probably want to get to the bottom of whatever is interfering with your TV signal. Sometimes this can be relatively easy, but in other cases your problems can be caused by surprising issues that you wouldn’t right away consider. Here we will look at some of those issues that you might not have thought of, which could nevertheless be resulting in a poor picture.


Most of us like getting birds in our garden, but they can actually cause all kinds of problems around the home. Not only can they ruin your eavestroughs for instance, but they can also start building their nest on or around your aerial which can seriously affect your signal. This can also be a problem with a range of other animals such as squirrels, so if you’re struggling with poor reception you might want to consider calling pest control to see if you can move them humanely.


Likewise, rats can also be a problem for your reception if you have them in your rafters. This is because they like to chew through wiring, which includes the wiring from your aerial. Again then, the exterminators might be the people to call.

Other Devices

It might surprise you to learn that a number of devices can interfere with your TV signal. If you have a lot of different gadgets sitting on your TV cabinet then, one of these could be causing the interference. Try moving them one at a time in order to see if it makes any difference.


A tall building next to your home can cause an effect known as ‘ghosting’. Here the signal is reflected off of the walls and so hits your aerial twice. This results in a double image which ruins the crispness of your picture. To solve the problem, you may just want to move the aerial to another part of your roof.


Likewise, trees can also block the signal coming through to your aerial. This is particularly likely if the surrounding trees are very tall, or if they’re blowing around a lot in the wind. The solution is either to move the aerial again, or to try sheering off the tops of those trees – make sure you have permission to do this though before you pull out your chainsaw.


The wiring at the back of your TV is the last hurdle for your signal getting to your TV set, and it’s often where things fall apart. Make sure that your TV cables are plugged in firmly where they’re needed, and that they’re high quality and in good condition so that the signal can get through easily. Even just untangling them can sometimes make a big difference.

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