Top Reasons for Using an HDMI Extender

This may be a bit on the Techie side for some, but these are great gadgets if you need to run HD video and audio to a remote TV.

HDMI is most common interface on High Definition devices like HD cameras, HD camcorders, video gaming consoles, LCD and LED TVs. Most of the applications call for HDMI signal to be extended ranging anywhere from a few feet to several hundred feet. If you are looking to extend the HDMI signal a few feet from your video source you can use a standard HDMI cable.

HDMI Extender

The challenge comes where you are looking to extend your HDMI signal several hundred feet. That is where Cat5e/6 HDMI Extender products come in handy. These units enable you to extend your HDMI signal up to 330ft over a single cat5e/6/7 UTP cable. Here are some of the advantages of using an HDMI over Cat5 Extender:

  • These extenders break the 25-50ft barrier that exists with using standard HDMI cables. You can use a HDMI over Cat6 extender to extend up to 330ft
  • Cat5 HDMI Extension products eliminate the need to use long and bulky HDMI cables. All you need is a Cat5e/6/7 UTP cable for signal extension
  • HDMI Extenders with HDBaseT support are designed to support uncompressed high definition (HD) video: [email protected] bits, 3D, and 4Kx2K (4 times 1080p) which allows full HDTV up to 330 feet. The HDMI Extender kit not only supports High Definition Video and Audio but also supports bi-directional IR and RS232.
  • These extender units support simple plug and play functionality
  • Eliminate the need to use boosters to extend to several hundred feet

Some applications require HDMI signal extension up to 1000 ft. There are HDMI Fiber Extender solutions available on the market. These solutions are more expensive compared to the standard HDMI over Cat6 Extenders. Fiber Extenders use signal transmission technology based on HDMI standard by optical transmission. HDMI Fiber Extenders offer crisp and clear 1080p video resolution and real time viewing. These units are EDID and HDCP complaint and are primarily used in high end digital signage, government and military applications.

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