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Pile of Home Entertainment Device Remote Controls
Author: My Blog Guest Author
Think of all the technology currently residing in your lounge or any other room at home each with it's own remote control. Ever thought of having just one programmable remote, that does all of them? Continue reading
home theater wire clutter
Author: Robert E Kraus
Connecting devices to a HDTV isn't all that difficult if you take your time setting each device up one at a time and test as you go. Continue reading
Author: Guest Author
If you're building a Home Theater or just trying to extend your PC screen to your HDTV and HDMI extender is exactly what you need. Continue reading
wire mess
Author: Guest Author
Do you have a messy tangle behind the home entertainment system, or scary knots of cables under the desktop computer in the home office. Read on to find innovative ways to manage them. Continue reading
connect your mobile device to your HDTV
Author: Nancy Baker
Instead of fiddling around with a small screen people can now hook their mobile device up to their main TV. Here are a few different ways this can be accomplished. Continue reading
HDMI Cable
Author: Robert E Kraus
A new version of HDMI Specifications have been announced. Improvement to benefit higher-resolution television technologies. Continue reading
Author: My Blog Guest Author
Learn about the differences and similarities each cable has and how it can be used effectively.  Digital Visual Interface, HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface and VGA stands for Video Graphics Array. Continue reading
Author: mindbox
At any one time, there are usually at least six to eight test reports going on between various tech reviewers. Of those, there may be two or three products that could be called the latest and greatest, while the rest … Continue reading
Author: Guest Author
Your MacBook can get along great with your TV, as long as you make the right connections. Here's all you need to know to connect your MacBook to your HDTV. Continue reading
High Altitude Airship
Author: Chris Jones
Editors Note: The topic of this article, while not specifically related to Home Theaters, reports on new technology that will have an impact on those who live beyond the reach of over-the-air stations and cable providers. The Conch Tech does … Continue reading
Author: My Blog Guest Author
If video killed the radio star, then it’s probably fair to say that digital downloads are gradually killing off the video. Just as we once transitioned from records to CDs, we are now transitioning from CDs to MP3s – and … Continue reading
Astron64 Solar Security Light
Author: My Blog Guest Author
It is a sad fact that the world is currently feeling the effects of a recession and many individuals are struggling like never before. Many of us have taken on an extra job just to put some food on the … Continue reading