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Samsung Smart TV
Author: My Blog Guest Author
It's easy for TV manufacturers to advertise smart TV sets. When people see the term "smart" used to describe devices, they often unquestioningly accept that they are likely to be superior to conventional, non-smart devices. Continue reading
Author: My Blog Guest Author
The choices for streaming video to your HDTV are increasing everyday. Lets compare two of the most popular devices. Continue reading
Smart LG Home Theater
Author: Robert E Kraus
It was discovered by a blogger over at the DoctorBeet blog that his Smart LG TV was collecting data about viewing habits and attached storage and sending it to LG Corporation. Continue reading
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Author: Alice McLean
If you love to watch TV shows and movies then it's a great time to be alive. Numerous companies are now offering Streaming videos over the net to any device be it a Smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac, giving you the flexibility to watch what you want, when you want, where you want. Let's take a look at the top 6 content providers and why you should consider them. Continue reading
Author: Robert E Kraus
The latest addition to the Samsung Galaxy family of products allows compatible devices to share content. Continue reading