Benefits Of Using Satellite In Rural Locations

The New Deal brought electricity to rural America. During this time, the vast infrastructure of electrical transmission lines and power plants were established, putting hundreds of thousands of citizens to work. While this infrastructure has been maintained and added to over the decades since, there are still some problems with communication. Few people have “party lines” any more, […]

Eco-Friendly Televisions: 4 Tips For Choosing An Energy-Efficient Model

Radios, televisions, video players, and home cinema systems all use energy. Among them, televisions account for 75% of all electricity utilization within the consumer electronics industry. This level of energy consumption costs a lot of money and it also increases carbon dioxide emission which could harm the environment. When you need to buy a new […]

Why Smart TV’s Are The Future Of Our Living Room Entertainment

Technology is in a perpetual state of convergence, to the extent that in the near future, it’s not unthinkable to believe that we won’t own separate devices at-all, simply one ‘catch-all’ product that takes care of all our personal and professional needs. Whilst our personal and professional lives might be merging through our phones, our […]

Why You Should Steer Clear Of Smart TV’s

It’s easy for TV manufacturers to advertise smart TV sets. When people see the term “smart” used to describe devices, they often unquestioningly accept that they are likely to be superior to conventional, non-smart devices. This assumption doesn’t work well with smart TVs. A 2012 survey by consumer market research group NPD called Internet Connected TVs […]

HD Screens vs. SD Quality

High-Def Screens vs. Low-Def Quality There’s no doubt that, in the land of TV and computer screens, significant improvements have been made over the last several years. Screens have become thinner, crisper, and named with more initials than we know what to do with (LED, LCD, and other forms of alphabet soup). It’s these constant […]