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Samsung Smart TV
Author: My Blog Guest Author
It's easy for TV manufacturers to advertise smart TV sets. When people see the term "smart" used to describe devices, they often unquestioningly accept that they are likely to be superior to conventional, non-smart devices. Continue reading
Author: My Blog Guest Author
This Christmas I bought a Samsung 3d full high definition panel for my living room. After watching it for a month I have decided to make a review on it so that I can help fellow buyers get the best deal. Let’s see what this TV has to offer. Continue reading
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Author: Nancy Baker
Smart TVs are the next big thing and we'll all have one eventually. However, as with any new technology there's always a hacker out there doing mischief. Continue reading
Samsung Smart Hub
Author: My Blog Guest Author
The technological innovations have been taking large steps in the past few years and the smart technologies have moved from our phones to tablets and smart TVs. Continue reading
Author: Diana Walls
One of the struggles of educators these days is how to attract the attention of their students. Using a Smart TV to teach is one way educators are able to overcome this problem. Continue reading
Smart LG Home Theater
Author: Robert E Kraus
It was discovered by a blogger over at the DoctorBeet blog that his Smart LG TV was collecting data about viewing habits and attached storage and sending it to LG Corporation. Continue reading
Author: Robert E Kraus
Samsung Electronics recently announced the availability of the Samsung Smart Media Player. With this device you can make any TV into a Smart TV using Samsung’s Smart Hub Interface. This adds to Samsung’s line of Smart Media players, last week … Continue reading
Chromecast device
Author: Robert E Kraus
For awhile now I’ve looked into what it takes to send video and pictures to my ancient 4-year-old Samsung HDTV. It had built-in DLNA software, but that was way outdated and didn’t playback most of my video collection. I was … Continue reading
samsung smart tv smart hub
Author: Jann Webb
Technology is in a perpetual state of convergence, to the extent that in the near future, it’s not unthinkable to believe that we won’t own separate devices at-all, simply one ‘catch-all’ product that takes care of all our personal and … Continue reading
3D Viewer
Author: My Blog Guest Author
When 3D films were first introduced to mainstream cinema, cinema fans flocked to their local screens to try out the new technology. Supplied with a pair of 3D spectacles, audiences could enjoy the new releases in a brand new way, … Continue reading
Author: Guest Author
Technology is and always has been a constantly changing and forward-moving industry. With the advances in home theater equipment, new challenges arise for consumers who are interested in owning the “latest and greatest” units and the accompanying gadgets. For example, … Continue reading
Author: My Blog Guest Author
One may wonder “what more can be done to improve home entertainment?” You have a nice LCD or LED TV with a large screen and a great cable connection that brings you your favorite channels. What’s more, you get several … Continue reading