DIY In-Wall Speakers Installation


Having in-wall speakers in your home can provide room for other more important stuff. Speakers have to be heard but you don’t really need to see them. This is why they provide an option for placing them in a wall. But how is it done?

It certainly is a matter of time and effort, but if you know what you are doing, you will be finished in a few hours and you will have a nice and useful décor on the walls. In this article, we provide information that will help you install your speakers in the wall. Read along.

Choose the right speakers

Before cutting your wall, it is a good idea to choose the speakers that will be perfect for in-wall installation. The first thing you should ask yourself is whether you are going to install the speakers during pre-construction or in an existing home. If it is the first option, then you had better choose products with back box enclosures. However, if we are talking about an existing home, as it is the case with most people, then you have two options: either to use in wall products or on wall speakers that have back boxes of their own.

The next step is to consider the position of the speakers. Think about where you are most likely going to be in the room while using the speakers. You should position them close enough to be able to hear but not too close.


First off, measure the walls. The speakers have to be installed about 6 to 10 feet apart, 18 inches from sidewalls and 42 inches from the floor.

Prepare the room

A task like that will make a mess in the room, in which you are planning to install the speakers. For this reason, a good idea would be to remove all the furniture near the wall. Be sure to cover the other furnishings to protect them from dust and other particles.

With masking tape, tape the template you made while measuring the room. Be sure it is level. Begin by drilling a hole. Recheck the measurements to make sure you have everything under control and to avoid possible issues.

Start working

In the center of the template drill a pilot hole. Put some wire in it to check the cavity. Look for obstacles. Then step by step increase the diameter of the hole. You need to make the opening big enough so that you are able to put your hand inside. This will allow you to check for any wires, nails or other stuff that may later block the installation.

Next step is to cut the walls. Drill ½ inch pilot holes in all corners of the template and in between every two add another one. Cut the hole with a saw (reciprocating or hand drywall one).

Inspect the cavity one more time; this time check for pre-made entryways. Place one of the speakers into the wall. Be sure to secure them well so that you prevent wall vibrations when the speakers are on. Tighten the nuts well. Make sure you don’t over-tighten.

This kind of system is good for listening to music and watching movies. Home theater is very popular these days when the market is so abundant with big TVs with LED displays. Watching a movie at home allows you to pause it anytime you want. It also gives you the opportunity to eat as much as you want of your favorite food and sleep on the couch.

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