Shopping around for ways to get rid of your Cable or Satellite bill?

Stream TV and Movies directly to your High Definition TV. You can get rid of your Cable or Satellite Provider and still view your favorite shows on any TV. Here are just two of the more popular possibilities.

Roku Box

Roku introduced the first streaming video player in 2008, in partnership with Netflix. In the first two years nearly a million units have been sold in the US, and there are now over 100 channels available in the Roku Channel Store. You can see the full list on Roku’s site. At $50, Roku is the most affordable product for consumers looking to stream video over the Internet to their TV, and the most open for developers and content owners looking to reach new audiences.

Apple TV
Apple TV
If you don’t mind paying for content, the Apple TV is probably the best of these two products. It also has a better user interface than Roku, but I would not let that effect my choice. Apple TV stores its content in the cloud (I will explain The Cloud in another post) so what you buy can also be viewed on your iPad, iPhone and MacBook. Recently Roku has added this feature using the Amazon Instant iPad app. Oh and then there is AirPlay, this technology lets you stream music, pictures or video from any iOS (Apple device) to your Apple TV.

Beryn Hammil over at goes into this whole technology with a little more depth, check it out.

Update March 20, 2013
Interesting article in the Washington Post about a change in the way cable providers bundle channels.

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