How To Pick The Right HDTV For Your Home Theater

A few years ago, it was much easier to pick the right HDTV for your home. We neither had such a big variety of options, nor were able to tell the difference between models. But times have changed, modern technologies become more and more innovative and this simple choice turned into a really big challenge. How to pick up the best HDTV? How can we be sure that it will satisfy our needs? After all, this expensive purchase is a long-term investment and it is very important to choose wisely. So here is a short, buying guide.

The Size


This is the first important thing that you will need to consider. As soon as you enter the store, you will see a big variety of large and small screens, which it is very likely to get you confused and eventually go home with the wrong one. Don’t lose heart! Before you leave for the TV store, you will need to take into account several things. The first one is the overall size of your apartment or home. Is the space in the living room limited (we say the living room, since most people prefer to put their TV there)? Are you planning to hang your TV on the wall, or would you prefer to place it somewhere on the living-room section. How much money have you planned to spend on this luxury? Each of these factors are very important and will give you some basic idea on what to look for.

The Resolution

Since you have planned to buy a HDTV for your home theater, you will definitely need to pay attention on the resolution. On the other hand, most HDTVs these days offer a pretty good contrasting picture. Very often, it is almost impossible to see the difference.

LED or Plasma? That is the question!

LED GalleryThis is one of the most common questions. Which one is better – LED or Plasma? Well, the truth is that the answer to this question depends pretty much on your own references. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of them.



As a whole, plasma offers much better black levels, which improves the overall quality of the picture. It has the ability to turn off the individual pixels. Also, plasma TVs have better viewing angle and are less expensive than the LED TVs. The truth is that in recent years people have shied away from plasma.  In the past, plasma TV’s suffered from screen burn-in and short life spans.  Although this isn’t true today, that reputation remains. For Home Theaters, plasma is the better choice, because of the rich and natural colours.


One of the main advantages of LED televisions is their brightness which allows them to be placed in almost any room environment. So if you have a room full of windows, this is the perfect solution for you. Another very important thing is the refresh rate. If this phrase doesn’t ring any bells to you, we will try to explain it a bit simpler. The higher the refresh rate is, the sharper the picture will be when viewing fast moving images on the screen. And as you know, when it comes to high quality image, it is all about sharpness.

 3D or …?

Well, this is the last factor we wanted to mention. Although 3D is a really great experience, many people still find it hard to get used to it and prefer to watch in 2D. Once again, this depends on your own preferences. 3D is fine for watching the occasional 3D movie, but not for watching your favourite shows.

We hope you found something useful to help you when you go out to pick up your new TV.  Please share with us what you think is important in a HDTV.

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