5 Best Apps for Home Theaters

Technology has been part of our lives these days. Almost all the things that we do and have right now are products of technology. All we need to do is to deal with it and make proper use of it as well. Since we are living in a fast-paced world nowadays, we have to learn how to cope up with the advanced technology. It is important that we know how to use the modern and hi-technology gadgets that technology has to offer with us. One of which is the home theater. If you own a home theater, then you must know all things about it. A home theater is an entertainment set-up which lets you feel the “cinema experience” at your home. It has an advanced features which are designed to exceed the commercial theater performance and feeling.

With that said, here are the best apps to install to your own home theater:

1. RunPee

This is one of the home theater apps which you don’t want to miss. RunPee app lets you know when is the time to run and pee without missing the best scenes of the movie. There is no need for you to control your pee, because you might miss some important scenes from the movie. Also, have you ever wondered if there are extra scenes after the end credits? Well, you don’t have to wonder about it anymore, because RunPee will tell you about it.

2. Audiocalc & Videocalc

If you want to hear every decibel or see every pixel of the movie you’re watching, then you have to download this app. Audiocalc & Videocalc function as one and these two let you optimize your home theater’s audio and video system. You will experience a great time watching your favorite movie with this app.

3. HTCables

By choosing the right cables and connections for your home theater, you will never regret anything. There is actually a huge difference in the quality of sound and video you are listening and watching to if you have the perfect cables. HTCables provides you descriptions of the best cables that you need for your home theater. It gives you the major A/V cables, lists of recommended devices for each, pictures of available products and links to purchase them.

4. Dijit


Dijit is a universal remote app which turns your smartphone or tablet into a personalized remote control. You can control everything from the palm of your hand with this app. Plus, it has TV guide show listings powered by NextGuide which makes it more convenient for you to watch.


5. IMDb



If you want to know something about a movie, like its plot and characters, a tv show or even a celebrity, then you have to download IMDb. This app is a collection of movies, trailers and video games. All the information that you need to know about a certain movie are all here. And it will be easier for you to understand more a movie, because of the data covered by this app.

These 5 apps will definitely make your home theater experience more comfortable and convenient. That is why you have to download these apps right now!

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