5 Steps To Setting Up A Simple Cinema Room At Home

If you love watching movies more than anything else in the world you must build a cinema inside your home. It doesn’t need to be huge because you won’t be inviting strangers in off the street.  I’m sure you’ve thought about it before even if it was just for a few minutes, but let’s look at the stuff you would need if you decided to go through with it. It might be a worthy investment if you go to the movie theater a lot at the moment.


The biggest screen possible

Do you have a few million dollars sitting in your bank account? If you want to spend a huge amount of money on a plasma TV you’ll need that much because they’re not cheap. For all us normal people out there a much better option is a screen and projector. If your screen is big enough you will actually feel like you’re in the cinema. Hopefully you have suitable wall in your new cinema room you can project onto otherwise you might need to go for the biggest plasma screen you can afford.

 Sound means everything

When you’re watching a movie the sounds coming from the speakers are almost as important as the picture on the screen. Do you think you would be scared of zombie movies if you didn’t think one was creeping around behind you? You wouldn’t get as excited about certain scenes if motivational music wasn’t playing at full-blast. You need to set your cinema up with surround sound speakers and I promise you won’t look back (unless it’s to check who is behind you).

 Consider your seating options

You must consider your seating options before you buy anything because it could save you a lot of money. If you’re single you might want a comfy couch in your cinema room because if you have any guests you’ll be able to cuddle them. If you have kids you might get away with beanbags which means you’ll just need a couple of reclining seats for you and the wife. If you’re lucky she might insist you put a couch in there because she wants a cuddle too.

 The lighting must be right

The picture won’t look as good if any light is sneaking into the room, so it’s important to stop as much light as possible from getting in any cracks. If your cinema room has windows you should think about blocking them off otherwise you will need a set of heavy, dark curtains. When you’re watching a movie you don’t want light getting in, but people might still need to get up before the end. Perhaps you can get some small LED lights built into the carpet so nobody will fall over.

 The power to control everything

If you need to get up every time you want to pause the movie you’ll get frustrated. Even if you get through the entire movie without getting up you’ll still need to move if you want to put a new one on. The only solution is to make sure you can control your entire home cinema system from the comfort of your seat. If you buy a decent system this should come as standard because the days of having to get up to change something are quickly coming to an end.

You’ll become a hermit

You need to be careful because once you’ve built your own cinema you might not be able to leave the house. Now that you know how easy it will be to set one up you should check out a few prices. Even if you don’t go any further at least you’ll have tried.

Author Bio

The author of this post is Nancy Baker, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for Artec, specialists in 3D scanners. When she is not busy working, she enjoys surfing and reading. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.