TV Mounts – Things to Consider Before Installation

Home Theater showing automationAre you going to be mounting a television? It is not too difficult to do on your own, but you really do need to make sure you are doing things safely and properly. Safety is one of the most important aspects, but is it just one of them. Here are some of the things you need to consider when putting your television onto the wall.

The Height

How high up on the wall do you plan to mount your television? You first need to determine where you will be sitting and compare that with the size of the television and the distance from those seats to the television. This will help you determine the correct height for optimal viewing. You do not want to have to crane your neck up to see the television. By knowing your distance, you can decide which type of mounting bracket you should use. If the TV were to be mounted above eye level then a tilting mount would be your best choice.

The Distance

There are many opinions on what is considered optimal viewing distance. Many in the industry suggest that a more immersive experience is more important and that you should sit “as close as you can stand it”. For those who want a simple way to calculate this distance one of the most popular methods, provided by retailers and television manufactures, is to multiply the digital width of the TV by 2.5. Therefore, for a 55″ TV you would want to sit at about 11 feet or 3.4 meters away

The Location

Consider just where you are putting the television and when you will do most of your watching. If you place the television directly in front of windows, there is a very good chance you will experience glare while you are watching during the day. This can become very annoying very quickly. Think about the location and things such as glare when you are deciding how to arrange your furniture and how to mount the television.

Safety and Proper Equipment

You have to make sure you have the right materials on hand when mounting the television to the wall. Even though the new televisions are much lighter than their older counterparts were, they still require high quality mounts and proper installation to ensure they will not fall from the wall. You do not want your expensive television to fall and break, and you do not want anyone to receive an injury if it does fall. Using the proper materials and equipment is paramount to ensuring the safety. There is a good chance your television came with a manual for mounting, and it may have come with mounting brackets. While those brackets might be fine, it could be in your best interest to find something that is even higher quality and stronger. Make sure the brackets you choose are compatible with your television though, and make sure they fit properly. When you are buying brackets check to see what screen size they say they can hold. If you have a 50” screen, you do not want to try to get by using brackets for a television half the size. Even using brackets specific to a 42” screen would be a terrible idea that will likely result in trouble. You need to have items that can hold your specific television.

Think Before Mounting

You have a number of things to consider when mounting your television, and it is a good idea to think twice and measure twice before you start. It is not too difficult to do it your own, but you can find professionals if you need help when you finally decide to mount the television to the wall.