2013 Trends for Home Entertainment

One may wonder “what more can be done to improve home entertainment?” You have a nice LCD or LED TV with a large screen and a great cable connection that brings you your favorite channels. What’s more, you get several of those channels in stunning HD, enhancing the quality, and ultimately your viewing pleasure. You may think that this is the ultimate in home entertainment; however it is actually just the threshold for most technical geniuses working behind the scenes. They work around the clock, just to make your entertainment experience a little more enjoyable.

Today’s Technology


Sony’s XBR-X900A

Today you have your smartphone and other mobile devices connecting to your TV and several people watching the TV programs from various locations. The TV has become ultra-smart and is capable of much more than beaming pictures. Take for instance Sony’s latest creation (that was showcased at CES 2013) – the 4K OLED TV which has such brilliant picture quality that the images look life-like. 4K or Ultra HD as it is more commonly referred to as, in collaboration with OLED technology brings you the ultimate in picture quality.

Making it Sound Better

It is not just the image quality that has undergone a sea change. Audio quality has metamorphosed into something absolutely sophisticated today. First it was DTS that showed us what can be done with audio to enhance the quality to unbelievable levels. Going even a step further today is the DTX Headphone X that has entered mobile devices, and it is not long before it invades the home entertainment arena as well.

Another wonder product that made it to CES 2013 is the expensive, yet the fabulous looking Kilpsch Stadium wireless speaker system that should send music lovers into raptures of ecstasy. The powerful and clear sound that emanates from this cool audio system has to be heard to be believed and appreciated. It comes with real big sound, and a much bigger price tag.

Talking of audio and sound, there is cute little device that is monstrously highly priced. This fancy pair of earbuds brings divine music – only for your ears. The Sennheiser ie800 is an exquisite piece of engineering marvel that is set to replace headphones by people who can afford such a highly priced audio accessory.

What’s to come…

Coming back to the visual treats you are in store for this year, TV screens are getting bigger and bigger, and homes may have to be built to match the new TVs, which will require a drawing-room with minimum dimensions to complement such gigantic appliances.TV screens are expected to exceed 84 inches in size, and watching a movie on such TVs will give the theater-like effect everyone has been talking about. However, surveys reveal that people are more inclined to buy TVs that can be connected to the various devices like PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Connectivity seems to be the key, and most TV manufacturers have already realized the need to incorporate this feature in the models that are to be launched. The question though is, will people be willing to trade their existing TVs for the ones with the new features? Would you be willing to spend a lot of money and exchange your old TV for a technically advanced one?

Author’s Bio: Rita Dawson currently works at Cable TV Service Providers, a site that enables everyone to learn about how to save on broadband and internet cable.