Bring Home The 3D Experience With Samsung 40′ 3D Smart TV

From small black and white screens to large 3d full high definition panels, the television industry has certainly come a long way. Today televisions are getting more and more complex and with this complexity the price is also rising. I think that today’s smart LED and OLED TVs are much more than just display panels, I am not sure if it’s even right to call them TVs as they have evolved much more in terms of design and functionality. Today you can get a web browser, a live TV recorder, a webcam, 3d display, applications and what not on a high end television. This Christmas I bought a Samsung 3d full high definition panel for my living room. After watching it for a month I have decided to make a review on it so that I can help fellow buyers get the best deal. Let’s see what this TV has to offer.


First of all let me say that this television has turned me in to a couch potato. For last 4 weeks I have lived entirely in front on this television. It’s just a bit hard to turn it off and do other things when you have such a great entertainer in your living room.

The most important thing to review here is the display quality; I have a 40 inch 3d full high definition display. The display is LED, the term can be a bit misleading for those who don’t have much technical knowledge so I must make it clear here that LED TVs are basically LCD televisions with LED lights on the edges to increase the brightness. To some this might sound disappointing but believe me this set up is just what is required to enhance the picture quality. The true term for such televisions must be edge LED TVs rather than simply LED TVs. The picture quality is brilliant. Colors are more vibrant than ever. There are three pre set modes namely movie, sports and dynamic. You can either adjust the settings manually or use one of these modes. I prefer dynamic mode since it offers much richer contrast.

This TV comes with a motion control feature; it is a proprietary technology from Samsung. Basically you turn it on when you are watching sports. It reduces the blur in high speed motion scenes. But don’t forget to turn it off while watching movies otherwise you will end up with audio video synchronization problems.

3d is as good as I expected. The demo videos that come with the TV are really good but considering the fact that there is not much 3d content available right now, this feature might stay unexplored for a while.

Since it’s a smart TV, it comes loaded with Samsung smart hub that allows you to browse the internet and install some basic apps like Netflix, face book and games.

Over all I am having one hell of a time watching this TV, I have no complains what so ever.


  • Great picture quality.
  • Smart motion control for better high speed motion scene viewing.
  • Active 3d shutter glasses.
  • Slim design.


  • A bit expensive, it has been quite a while since LED TVs hit the market; I think it’s time that they dropped its price a bit.
  • No Bluetooth connectivity available for wireless audio.
  • Limited browser functionality.


If you want a high quality large display then Samsung 3D LED smart TV is a good choice. I purchased mine on Christmas so I got it for the holiday offer. There is a similar model without 3d so if you don’t have a 3d bluray player I would advise you to get that one instead.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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Senior Editor Keith Ronald has reviewed TVs for many companies since 2006. He is an ISF certified calibrator and developed many TV test procedures himself. Previously Keith wrote shopping reviews and features for various magazines.