How To Buy A Flat Screen TV

Gone are the days when the television set was as big and bulky as the washing machines or refrigerators. Nowadays, TV’s have slimmer space-saving screens, which are really sleek and modern, and classy in style. When you shop around for these flat screen TV’s, you will definitely find that the popular manufacturers of these TV’s are really bynames in the field of electronics and television making. Manufacturers, such as Sony, LG, Sharp, Samsung, Philips, and many more top the list of major playmakers in the field of Television productions. So if you want to find and buy a reliable, sleek, and modern flat screen TV, these are the names you have to look for. Moreover, you can consult cnet and FlatScreenExpert to find good reviews about each flat screen product. But before buying a TV set, there are some factors which you have to consider, such as the space where you are to place your TV, the quality of the set, the warranty provided by the manufacturer, and the price itself. Likewise, you got to consider whether you would like to buy online or directly from the manufacturer of the TV set. These are just some of the factors you have to consider before buying a flat screen TV.

Types of Flat Screen TV’s

There are different types of flat screen TV’s and understanding these different types will help you in choosing the flat screen TV you should buy. The most common types of flat screens are the LED, Plasma, and the LCD. The Plasma TV’s are flat panel display Type of TV’s which are common to 30″ TV displays or larger. We call it plasma because it makes use of small cells which contain charged ionized gases. The other type of flat screen TV’s are made of liquid crystal forced or compressed between glass plates and backed or illumined by a fluorescent lamp. We call this type LCD. An electrical charge is applied to the crystal to create an image. Lastly, there is the LED TV’s, which are like the LCD’s, which use hundreds of evenly distributed LED’s instead of the fluorescent lamp. So before you choose a flat screen TV, you should take into consideration which type of TV you are going to buy.

Fast Motion Resolution

Another consideration you have to bear in mind is how a TV handles very fast motion. The plasma TV’s handle quick motion exceptionally creating the smoothest transition of motion, although both the LED and LCD types of flat screen have greatly improved in the recent years in handling fast moving motions.

Energy Consumption Consideration

Moreover, you got to consider which TV’s are more energy-conserving. The least energy-consuming TV’s are the LED TV’s. While the most power-consumptive TV’s are the Plasma TV’s because they require that every sub-pixel should be individually lit. The LCD’s are less power-consumptive than the Plasma TV’s.

What is the Lifespan of the Three Types

The plasma TV’s have the shortest lifespan among the three types of flat screen TV’s. Usually, the average half-lifespan of a plasma TV is 33 years, and the plasma TV usually becomes half as bright as a new one if used for 5-6 hours a day. The LED TV’s have around 50 years to have its brightness half diminished.

The Price Factor

Lastly, you got to consider the price of each type of TV’s. The LCD TV’s are the cheapest among the three types of flat screen TV’s. LED TV’s are new in the market and thus are more expensive than the LCD’s, while the Plasma TV’s are the most expensive because they are only available at larger dimension screens.

Where to Buy a Flat Screen TV

There are two options in buying a flat screen TV. First, you can buy it online. You can readily visit the manufacturer site. Say for instance, you want to buy a Samsung or Philips flat screen TV, you can directly visit the site of Samsung or Philips and shop around for the flat screen TV of your liking. Moreover, you can visit sites like Amazon and other sites which sell flat screen TV’s online. On the other hand, you can buy a flat screen TV by buying it from the appliance center near your place. In this way, you will actually see the features and the specific factors you take into consideration in buying a flat screen. By directly buying the item and shipping it by yourself, you will avoid the possibility and hassle of having your item mishandled and damage along its delivery, and you having to ship back the item. But before you zero in on a particular brand, you should consult FlatScreenExpert for good reviews on the different flat screen TV’s.

Buying a flat screen TV is not that complicated provided you take the above-mentioned simple tips into consideration. Whether it is LCD, Plasma, or LED TV, I guess your choice should always be worth the money you pay for it.

There are three kinds of flat screen TV’s: the plasma, the LCD, and LED TV’s. The Plasma TV’s usually comes with larger dimension and is the most expensive among the three, while the LCD is the least expensive as compared to the LED and the plasma. There are other considerations such as resolution, price, and power consumption of the TV which you have to bear in mind. before buying a flat screen TV, but these basic considerations are good enough to help you buy the best flat screen TV for your home.

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