Just bought a new High Definition TV? Sorry, Ultra High Definition is here.

The Consumer Electronics Association (CES) has announced a name change for 4K TV’s.  What, never heard of 4K TV’s?  Not surprising, The term 4K TV was a bit techie and really wasn’t catching on hence the reason CEA changed the name to Ultra High Definition or Ultra HD.  They will be on display at next years CES show in Las Vegas.  To be a Ultra HD display the device needs to have a resolution of at least 3,840 x 2,160 pixels.  Aspect ratio (ratio of height to width) remains 16:9.  Ty Pendlebury over at C|Net did a great job explaining Ultra High Definition (aka 4K), check it out.

Ultra High Definition vs the rest
Four resolutions compared: standard definition; full high definition; Quad HD; and 4K/2K.

LG already has an offering, the 84LM9600.  Yep, an 84″ Ultra HD 3D TV!

84LM9600 Ultra High Definition TV.  (Credit LG)

If I were you I would not hold off a purchase and wait around for the Ultra High Definition TV’s to go on sale for a few reasons.

  • While no pricing for US stores has been announced, pricing in Australia was at $15,999, so I’m certain the price will be way up there for those of us in the US.  For comparison, Sharp is making a normal Full HD 90″ 3D tv which retails for $10,000. Update: LG announced a price tag of $19,999 for the 84LM9600 and it should be hitting stores around November.
  • This technology was really designed for the Movie Theater Industry so they could have HD movies on a big screen.
  • Few products currently have a Ultra HD or 4K designation.  While the number may grow next year price may still be an issue.   Remember the cost of the first Blu-Ray players and movies?

Still, this gives us something to look forward to seeing in the future.His a link to some information about 4K movies.


UPDATE 12 Mar, 2012:  Sony announced a reasonably sized model. The XBR55X900A is a 55″ 3D HDTV.  It has an interesting speaker setup, two forward firing speakers on each side of the screen.  It also sports a LED back light  Motionflow™ XR 960, wireless smartphone mirroring technology.  Samsung’s 6400 has the same mirroring technology using it’s iPhone app.  It’s great for those who get the call of nature in the middle of an important game.