OLED TV: Must-Have Gadget Or Waste Of Cash?

There are some people who always have to have the latest gadgets in their home. These are the types who are happy to queue up around the block for days in order to secure the latest incarnation of iPhone. Well if televisions are your big thing, you will be delighted to hear that the next generation of TV is now available to buy in the stores. The only problem is that you need a shed load of cash to be able to afford one. So what is OLED TV and is it worth the phenomenal price tag?

What is an OLED Television?

OLED is short for Organic Light Emitting Diode. The technology is not new exactly—OLED TVs were around for a short time several years ago, but it is only now that LG and Samsung are starting to release 55 inch OLED TVs in the US. Currently availability is limited, but those in the know expect OLED TVs to be widely available very soon.

Innovative Design

Look at the television currently sitting in your living room. What shape is it? Unless you have been partaking of some interesting beverages in the last few hours, your TV should be a flat rectangular shape (and if it isn’t, consider an eye text or a session in a detox clinic). So how is an OLED TV different? Well OLED TVs are rectangular, but instead of having a flat screen, an OLED TV has a beautiful curved screen. The gently curving screen is supposed to enhance the TV viewing experience, but with a price tag of around $15k, your enjoyment may be slightly tempered.

TV: The Next Generation

If you have recently bought a new television, you probably assume that the picture is pretty good, but according to press reports, the next generation technology of an OLED display is about as good as it gets. Picture quality has been described as ‘breathtaking’ thanks to an extra white sub-pixel in the display. To the average person, this means nothing, but this extra colored pixel is designed to enhance the on-screen imagery. Blacks will seem a lot blacker and colors will be brighter and truer to the original image.

Improved Playback Time

OLED TVs have a much faster response time when compared to an ordinary television, so the picture playback on screen will be far better. This will enhance viewing of anything on screen, including games.

Refined Colors

The LG OLED TV comes with a ‘color refiner’. Simply put, a color refiner improves the way colors are displayed on screen, so instead of having a noticeable green or red hue to everything, you can enjoy perfect color resolution, exactly as the filmmaker intended.

Is an OLED TV Worth the Investment?

Only you can decide that, but if you want to enjoy the best picture quality money can buy, an OLED TV is undoubtedly a good choice. However, right now OLED TVs are a little bit on the expensive side, so it may be worth waiting for the initial furor to subside and the prices to drop. Industry experts believe that global demand will rise in the coming months and years, and when demand rises prices invariably fall.

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