Smart TV for Effective Academic Learning

One of the struggles of educators these days is how to attract the attention of their students when they are teaching. Students have short attention span and they are not fans of listening to lectures. Hours of sitting around bores and tires them. That is why educators are using few tools to encourage students to participate in class. Smart Television is one of the tools that is used in modern day classrooms.

Smart TV is an emerging trend in technology and education. Let’s look at why these emerging trend is slowly moving from household appliance to an integral learning tool.


Teachers encourage students to participate in classroom discussions. With Smart TVs this becomes an easy task. Like any other television, this device is capable of playing videos, audio recordings, and image streams. It is also capable of connecting with the internet. Sites like Picassa and Youtube are easily accessed on this television.

Smart TV allows download of interactive games, such as tactical games, word plays, quizzes and math problems, that promote class participation among students. The fun games keeps classes active and lively. There are Smart TVs that features voice control and motion sensor, which adds to the fun and interactivity.

Basically, Smart TV functions the  way tablets are, only this device has larger scope. It is perfect for teaching group of students in class. On the other hand, tablets are individually used so the interaction is minimal.

Promotes Socialization

Smart TVs are perfect for teaching group of students. Interaction between students are high. This leads to better socialization. Teachers can give more group activities using this device and students can group together to participate.

Teamwork and socialization is an integral lesson that teachers should teach to students. And this can only be thought by integrating new strategies in the conventional methods of teaching. It is important that students learn more than the facts and figures they read on their books, because these lessons makes them ready for the life after school.

Reach Students Easier

Another learning problem that educators encounter is the age gap between students and teachers. It is the reason why student-teacher interaction in classrooms are few. But with Smart TV, teachers can easily get along with students.

Most students today were born when computers and modern technology are already part of everyday life. This makes them very familiar and adept with modern gadgets. Using Smart TV helps in reaching out to them since it is a field that they are familiar with.

Convenient For Teachers and Students

Using Smart TV is very convenient for teachers. They do not have to work on their visual aids neither, download supplementary clips online. They can view these images or see these websites by connecting via the internet. A school can build a cloud storage, which teachers can access. Here they can share teaching aids for unified teaching strategy.

The time that they save by using these televisions, can be used in focusing on the students learning. Likewise, it is convenient to use one Smart TV for a group of students, rather than distributing 20-25 tablets for them.

Effective Teaching Tool

Integrating media in learning is helpful in attracting the attention of students. This is the initial step in making every lessons effective. Media contents like videos, music and images promote better learning among students. Lessons become easy to study because there are these contents to supplement every lessons. And with Smart television, educators can easily access these contents.

This modern innovation is a good academic tool. This is the reason why more and more classrooms are infusing this device in their everyday lessons. Learning should not be limited to typical class discussions. Using mart TVs promote better academic learning among students.