Chromecast – Make Any HDTV into a SmartTV for $35


For awhile now I’ve looked into what it takes to send video and pictures to my ancient 4-year-old Samsung HDTV. It had built-in DLNA software, but that was way outdated and didn’t playback most of my video collection. I was lucky and picked up a WD TV Live box on closeout for $20 and was able to play just about all my videos, but I sill wanted to be able to show the contents of my tablet on my TV or maybe show an actual web page to the family as we planned our vacation.

I wasn’t interested in spending $100 to do this so I kept the WD TV box and waited. Today I read that Google released it much touted Chromecast device. It’s available for $35 from Best Buy, Amazon and Google Play after July 24th. So I think this might be what I was waiting for.

What is Chromecast

Chromecast is a small and very affordable device that is simply connected to your HDTV through any vacant HDMI jack. With it you can, usingChromecast plugged into HDMI your tablet, phone or laptop, display or “cast” content to your TV in 1080p. The content can be something on your device or it could be something on the web since Chromecast can also stream Netflix, YouTube as well as content from Google. I understand Pandora is coming soon.

So what content can I show

Once setup, Chromecast will use your device to remotely play, pause and control volume on your TV. You can also ‘cast’ your devices media to your TV so everyone can view without having to huddle around you and your device. You can even stream that content while you do other things on your device like checking email or texts. Also, by using the Chrome browser on your device you can project any tab you’re browsing to the screen. This way you can share anything new you discover on the web to everyone in the room.

The device is compatible with iPhone, iPads and Android smartphones and tables. It’s even compatible with Chrome running on Mac OS and Windows computers.

My Review

Well this part is going to have to wait. I dashed up to Amazon as soon as I read the announcement, but I was too late, it was already on back order. I went ahead and put in my order anyway. Bookmark this page and keep checking back or subscribe to my blog and you’ll know to moment I post the review.