Data theft – The Grinch who stole data

The internet is a whole other world for most of us. We may all do our work and major communication acts with the help of it but after a couple of pioneers, we’re still the new settlers– which means we haven’t really chalked out the surroundings of this land yet. And there are alien species too. Many of them much like the Grinch we’ve read about from childhood stories. The whole purpose of a Grinch is to steal happiness and Christmas gifts. But in the world of the cloud, these goodies and gifts are all in the form of data. Well now that the year is ending, many of these Grinch like scoundrels have saved up a lot of goodies, comprising of our personal and private data. Keylogger, malware, spyware, backdoor exploits have all been used for data theft one after the other. Let’s take a look at the list of spoils.
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<a href="">data theft - the Grinch who stole data</a>#identitytheft

data theft – the Grinch who stole data#identitytheft

Need to know the data theft trends in 2012? Take a look at “The Grinch who stole data“, an infographic created by, developers of parental control software.