How To Improve Any TV With A Smart DVD Player

Wikipedia defines a Smart TV as any TV capable of using the Internet to provide interactive media content to the viewer. But, did you know they were also Smart DVD players? That’s right, many new Blu-ray DVD players and Home Theaters can use the Internet to provide the same content streaming video, music, pictures, news, weather, sports, and downloadable apps as you find on a Smart TV and show it on any TV.

What should you look for?

Smart LG Home Theater

Most households today already have a wireless network, so choose a model that has built-in Wi-Fi. Be careful here, some manufacturers have models that say “Wi-Fi ready”. For those devices, you will have to buy an adapter to give it Wi-Fi capabilities.
You also want to choose a model that has the ability to use Bluetooth compatible input devices. This will make using the web browser and many of the interactive applications much easier. You can also use Bluetooth to connect your smartphone and show your pictures and movies right from the phone.
If you have an SD card camera or camcorder then a USB Media port can allow you to show your latest vacation movies or pictures right in your living room.

Connecting your TV to a smart DVD player

HDMI Jack with ARCHDMI Jack

Anyone can install these devices because connecting a smart DVD player is simple. For high-definition televisions there is only one cable you’re going to need, so make sure you purchase an HDMI cable when you buy your player. Store-bought HDMI cables can be expenses so look online for a source of cheap cables. Now connect the HDMI cable to the DVD player. There should only be one HDMI jack on the back of the player. Connect the other side of the HDMI cable to the television. Note what HDMI port you used and change the TVs Input Source to match. Finally, program your player to connect your home wireless network. You will have to consult your DVD’s user manual for instructions on how to do this.

That’s it, you are ready

Most Smart DVD players have the ability to stream Netflix, HULU, VUDU and more. They also can connect to local media servers (I’ll cover that in another article) to display home photos or play home movies. There are many Smart DVD players out there and each has a particular user interface styles so take a few minutes to review the documentation that came with your player. And that’s it, you’re ready to start exploring the Internet for entertainment content.

Are you ready to cut the cord and stop paying for cable or satellite and get your television from the Internet? Tell me how you’re going to do it.

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