Are You Ready To Swap Cable For Internet Streaming?

There can be little doubt that cable television brings a lot of entertainment into our lives and living rooms. But what happens when you realize that you need to cut down on your outgoings? There is a recession currently affecting pretty much every country in the Western world, and ours is no exception. In order to make ends meet, we need to look at what our monthly outgoings involve. Cable television is not really a luxury in the truest sense of the word, but it can be replaced by another option – Internet streaming media. Millions of people have chosen this route and it is certainly an attractive option. But before you join the droves of ex-cable devotees, you should consider the points made in this article.

The First Step Is The Hardest?

Living your life without cable television is not always easy, and you need to be certain before you make that big decision. We suggest that you go about this transition in one or two ways:

  • Cut the Cable – Not literally, but cold turkey is sometimes the best option. Simply call the company and stop your subscription. You will then have no option but to look for an alternative.
  • Try Both and See – You can try these suggestions and compare them with the more expensive option. If you don’t really see the free choice as a comprehensive replacement, then you have lost nothing except a little time.

Are You Really Saving?

Before you replace your cable with the ‘free’ options, take a close look at both scenarios. If you currently receive cable as a part of package, phone/internet/TV, first see how the cost will change after removing cable from that equation. Quite often you may find that you are not saving at all. A lot of suppliers will offer you one or more services at a reduced rate in a package. By removing one of them, the cost may not even drop one red cent! By going down the internet streaming route, you will have to face a few start-up costs, and these need to be factored into your budget totals. You can always downgrade your cable package to make some instant cost savings, but don’t be surprised if you are left with some pretty poor viewing options.

Is Internet Streaming All That?

Internet Streaming while watching TV

As a viable alternative to cable television, internet streaming is considered in some quarters to be a compromise. The monthly costs are lower, sometimes free, but what service are you actually getting for these reduced outgoings? You will not be able to watch the same quality of live sports or latest flicks, and that much is for certain. But the situation will change sometime in the future. Local news is one area that is not yet catered for by the streaming suppliers, and that can be hard to live without. You can opt to receive this service using RSS feeds and that is better than doing without the latest happenings in your locale.

Channel Surfing?

Love or hate it, channel surfing is a big part of using cable television. You have so many choices and sometimes therein lies the problem. This activity will soon be removed from your viewing routine and you will need to spend a little more time searching for those desirable shows and movies. By ditching cable, you will be embracing a whole new culture of media consumption, you may adapt to it quickly, or it could prove to be be a royal pain in the head!

Ready To Switch?

So the jump from expensive cable is not so black and white, and only once that you have fathomed out the grey bits will you be sure that this choice is the best for you!

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