Samsung 3D Smart TVs have a security flaw.

Could your Smart TV be watching and listening to you in your own home? It might, a Malta-based researcher ReVuln has uploaded a video showing how it has been able to hack into a Samsung 3D Smart TV. With this hack, someone would have full control of your Smart TV allowing them to look at any device connected to the TV as well as look at user IDs and passwords stored in memory. If you have a webcam attached to the TV for Skype then the hackers could actually watch and listen to you while you are sitting in your living room.

New Smart TV’s have a full computer built into them for web browsing, apps, and streaming video but do not have a firewall or any sort of virus/malware protection.  The vulnerability isn’t all that bad however, first the hacker would have to breach your home network and then they would have to know the network address of your Smart TV.  So it is unlikely that a random hacker would bother hacking your TV.  Instead, ReVuln says, it would most likely be someone who actually was targeting a specific individual.

Samsung, the leader in Smart TV sales with over 2 million sold in the first 3 months of 2012, played down the security hole in its TVs.  Samsung was quoted by IBTimes UK: “We have discovered that only in extremely unusual circumstances a connectivity issue arises between Samsung Smart TVs released in 2011 and other connected devices.
“We assure our customers that our Smart TV’s are safe to use. We will release a previously scheduled software patch in January 2013 to further strengthen Smart TV security.
“We recommend our customers to use encrypted wireless access points when using connected devices.”

Samsung also announced that a software update to their Smart TVs will be released in January 2013 to boost security in their TVs.

Below is a video released by ReVuln.  Music is sort of funky but they give more detailed information about the hack.

Link to ReVuln Video about the hack.