Top Five Most Frustrating Things About A Slow Internet Connection

A fast internet connection is a real asset. That’s why so many businesses, homemakers and cafes are keen to get hold of routers and Wi-Fi services that can actually deliver a higher level of performance. But we’ve all experienced the unique frustrations of a slow internet connection. So what are the most irritating things that can happen when your broadband doesn’t cut the mustard? We’ve selected five.

You lose out on tickets

A great example of this is provided by the annual scramble for Glastonbury tickets. This year they sold out in less than two hours. Thousands of people missed out in spite of devoting the morning to refreshing the same page again and again at home. Unfortunately, it is very likely that those with slow internet connections failed to fill spaces in the queue and missed out this year.

A pleasant evening ruined

More and more people are taking to watching TV online because of sites like 4OD and iPlayer. It’s nice to be able to sit down with your laptop on your lap and a brew in your hand before selecting a good program to watch. Things start off well, but it all goes awry when the picture stalls, the sound trips and finally the whole thing fails. Alas, your connection just can’t take the pace and that’s a plan scuppered!

Pipped to the post on eBay

People who use eBay know what it’s like to be locked in a bidding war. Many also know what it’s like to watch an auction closely waiting to step in at the last moment with an offer. However, those with a really slow internet connection often find that the page doesn’t load quickly enough for that eleventh-hour bid! All that effort for nothing and a bargain winging its way to someone else.

Remote working prospects diminished

Nowadays a lot of people have the option of working from home on certain days if their job can be done primarily using an internet connection and a mobile phone. This means they can enjoy working hours tailored to their lifestyles. But not if their internet connection is too slow. If work isn’t getting in on time, email systems are crashing and communication isn’t working effectively, those remote working privileges are unlikely to last!

Undermining the convenience of the web

The internet is really convenient. For instance, it helps you chat with people across continents and download the multimedia you need to stay entertained. But a slow internet connection giveth only to take away! It tempts you with mega convenience and then snatches it away from the very next instant!

This article was written by Samantha Lees, a 3G router expert, avid eBayer, and remote working fan.