Bring Home The 3D Experience With Samsung 40′ 3D Smart TV

From small black and white screens to large 3d full high definition panels, the television industry has certainly come a long way. Today televisions are getting more and more complex and with this complexity the price is also rising. I think that today’s smart LED and OLED TVs are much more than just display panels, I am not sure if it’s even right to call them TVs as they have evolved much more in terms of design and functionality. Today you can get a web browser, a live TV recorder, a webcam, 3d display, applications and what not on a high end television. This Christmas I bought a Samsung 3d full high definition panel for my living room. After watching it for a month I have decided to make a review on it so that I can help fellow buyers get the best deal. Let’s see what this TV has to offer.

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3D TVs: Is It Time To Invest In One?

Some have called 2013 the year of the demise of the 3D TV, while others are equally as insistent that 3D is here to stay for luxury TVs. Once a thing of the cinemas and wearing goofy glasses, today 3D is available in the home for whether you want to watch films, view sports, or play video games.

Should you invest in a 3D TV though? After all, they don’t come cheaply – not at all! We’ve researched the pros and cons to help you decide… Read more!

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But how does a 3D television work? And is there any real benefit? Read more!