Top 6 Things People Connect to a HDTV

Here are the six most common thing to connect to a HDTV. This step by step will give you a good idea on what you will need to connect your new TV.

1. Connect an Old VCR with no Tuner

Yes, many folks still want to connect their old VCR to the new HDTV. ConnectingAVJacks.jpgyour VCR to your new HDTV isn’t all that hard. Just locate the round yellow video connector or RCA Jack, then look for the audio jacks which are colored red and white, below. Here’s the tricky bit, on most modern HDTV’s the yellow jack isn’tFig-2---Component Video Jack there. Manufacturers merged the Composite (yellow) connector and the Component Y (green) connector, Figure 2. See how it’s green? Some manufacturers paint a yellow ring around it some do not. Either way the jacks should be labeled “Component/AV In”. Once connected, you just change the TV input to A/V, Composite or Video which ever word your TV uses.

2. Connect My Computer or Laptop

Connecting a laptop or a computer is also fairly easy. Every PC or Laptop made VGA.jpgbefore about 2010 or so has a VGA connector. With a few exceptions, HDTV’s are also equipped with one. You can buy various length VGA Cables pretty much anywhere they sell computers. If you have an Apple Computer here is how you connect it. You set the input on your TV to VGA or Computer. Read more!

Cable TV Apps: Are They Worth the Download?

More and more people are looking for ways to make everything portable.

smart devices

By HLundgaard (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

With technology at your fingertips, it essentially puts your entire world into the palm of your hand. The viewing capability of today’s devices has made the sound and picture quality excellent, while 3G and 4G speeds make streaming an actual possibility. One arena in the world of mobile applications is the emergence of cable TV streaming apps.

Many apps tout that you can stream all of your favorite cable TV shows right to your phone, tablet, or computer. The claims often state that they can save you money from your home cable TV costs, however, care should be taken when reading these claims. There is more to it than simply downloading the app and watching. In many cases, the app goes hand in hand with your cable TV service provider, so make sure you choose the right TV service for viewing. So before you download your streaming app, be sure to consider the following: Read more!