Should I Switch To A TV Antenna Instead Of Cable?

In today’s technology-driven world, most of us automatically assume that we must pay high-monthly fees to watch our favorite TV shows. We’ve always had to pay high amounts for our monthly cable subscription. We’ve gotten used to it, we’ve factored in this payment into our monthly budgets, and we’ve accepted the fact that we will always have to pay large amounts of money if we want access to the television shows that we want to watch.

However, for some Americans the cost of cable television is becoming expensive and prohibitive. That has led them to get creative and start looking into other options for TV access. Many people are opting out of their cable subscriptions and replacing them with digital television antennas.

What is a TV Antenna?


A television antenna (sometimes called an aerial) is a metal conductor specifically designed to transmit, send and receive over-the-air (OTA) broadcast TV signals at a certain frequency.

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Benefits Of Using Satellite In Rural Locations

The New Deal brought electricity to rural America. During this time, the vast infrastructure of electrical transmission lines and power plants were established, putting hundreds of thousands of citizens to work. While this infrastructure has been maintained and added to over the decades since, there are still some problems with communication. Few people have “party lines” any more, and with cell phone technology, many long distance calls are free. But, quite often, calls are dropped. Internet can be frustratingly slow or completely non-existent. This is where satellite communications may make a real difference. Read more!

Is Having Cable Television And The Internet Worth It? A Breakdown:

Cable television and the Internet are high cost items for many families, but are they a necessity or a dispensable luxury? Do families really need both or can they get by with one or none? When it comes to cable TV, many businesses and families are pondering cutting the cord, either due to dissatisfaction with offerings and price or due to the expanding field of alternatives. With the Internet, the converse is true with businesses and homes getting more wired

The Cons of Cable Television
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5 Ways to Improve Your Home Entertainment Viewing Experience

When you’re creating a home entertainment system, there are a lot of add-on to chose from. You can buy speakers, DVD players, HDTV’s or even download mobile applications to improve your overall viewing experience. Take a look at these five ways to make your home theater one for the ages!

Enjoy Enhanced Sound with Upgraded Speakers

Surround Sound Speaker

Image via Flickr by super-structure

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