‘It’s In The Cloud’ – What Does That Really Mean?

History of Cloud Computing

The hot phrase in computing these days is cloud computing and data storage. The idea of cloud computing has been around since the 1960s, when relay networks were used to push and share research information around the world. Eventually, data services and applications began to be offered via websites on the internet. The type of cloud computing available today has only been made possible in recent years through the massive increase in bandwidth available through several internet providers. In other words, the lines through which we transmit data are finally powerful enough to handle large file transfers quickly. But what is the cloud?

What is it?

The idea of cloud computing is simple. Individual users are able to connect to a much larger network, powered by a server or series of servers, on which they can store their data to be worked on and retrieved later, or to access a wide range of applications and services. Read more!

Why Smart TV’s Are The Future Of Our Living Room Entertainment

Samsung Smart TVTechnology is in a perpetual state of convergence, to the extent that in the near future, it’s not unthinkable to believe that we won’t own separate devices at-all, simply one ‘catch-all’ product that takes care of all our personal and professional needs. Whilst our personal and professional lives might be merging through our phones, our tablets and our laptops though, the living room will always be a place of solitude where we can retire with a good book, film, show or video game and forget (for a little while at least) that the outside world exists.

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Cloud Storage what is it and how can I use it?

Cloud Computer

Cloud Computer

Data backup, one of the most disliked and often ignored job.  Very few actually backup the data on their Home Computers or Laptops. According to a survey by ComputerStatistics.org, 91% of PC users agree that backing up your home computer data is important.  However, 41% do no backups at all and only 2% backup at once a week or less!

Why should you backup your data?  Think of all the irreplaceable pictures and videos you have stored on your computer, tablet or phone.  It’s sad to recall the number of people I’ve dealt with who have suffered a malfunction on their tablet or laptop that resulted in the loss of very important pictures.
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